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Pick-A-Rune 6-23-2021

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Pick-A-Rune! Smoky Quartz, Chrysoprase, or Kyanite.

Thank you all for sticking with me through a week that’s been a bit rough on so many of us. I am trying hard to keep up and do what I can to make this world better. And right not that includes taking deeper care of myself than what I’ve been doing for too many years. And I’m doing that, which means things here have been falling behind. I know full well as a Crone that you need to take care of your own oxygen mask before you put it on others. But, at the same time, you need to figure out if you can land safely. I love having this work. I am really enjoying doing these Special Summer Solstice Readings, and the Dream Interpretations you all are keeping me busy with each and every day. I am so blessed. I am so embracing this path, which is centered on a growing/healing purpose and expanding community. But I’m so grateful that I can work at a pace that is sustainable, and still take care of myself. Hopefully you can see the picture I’m perhaps poorly painting for you (hey, I’m folks-artsy af some days). Regardless, please know I’m doing that shadow work. This level of shadow work seems to be some very traumatic, mind-changing, deep, deep shadow work. Whee. Thanks Universe. This means I have a dragon load of appointments to take care of myself and my immediate environment, which feed into each other. So sporadic output from this Crone Witch. However, until I can come back to blogging and Instagram Lives, or putting in new items in the Etsy shop, I am happy to offer this Pick-A-Rune. So which do you choose?

Look at the photo, which position, or which stone calls out to you? Feel free to use all three, I feel like some of you need ALL of this advice, and yes, I know this very well may be for me, too.
Smoky Quartz is Naudhiz (Need); Chrysoprase is Fehu (Wealth); Kyanite is Dagaz (Dawn).
Smoky Quartz can help you with those hip ailments; Chrysoprase is a friend to help with self esteem; and Kyanite for Crown Chakra Work.

Smoky Quartz & Naudhiz:

Naudhiz is in Heimdall’s Aett, the Warrior’s Aett, the Aett that deals with Victory, Power, and Success.

Oh, baby, the needs you need. Are you feeling it? Are you longing? Are you just wanting deliverance from this distress? But you have the power to get exactly what you want, but you just may need to decide how you’re going to do it first, because, hey, you lucky Bwitch, you got options! Lots of options. That’s what happens when you are powerful and people look to you as a leader. Boss Baby. Which one do you want? The easy one that might piss someone else off? The balanced that’s super hard? Or maybe the hard one that makes it easy in the long run? This Rune. This Rune is putting out so much “take care of your shit” energy that I feel like I need to call for suppressive fire. Regardless of your choice, you will survive. Realize that you may have to pause before moving forward – whatever your choice – and discern want vs. need. Is it really a need? Oh, and look for that aftershock for what you think you need? If you get it, will it hurt someone around you? Recheck and then check again. Okay, now you can move forward.

Chrysoprase & Fehu:

Fehu is in Freyja’s Aett, the Growth Aett. It is all about love, happiness, and pleasure. All the Good Things Aett.

There is a new beginning for you approaching. Get ready to receive. Yep, you have to be ready to be swimming in everything you want and need. Abundance that just fuels your gratitude and your give-back. Oh, but things are shit right now, you say? You are a strong one. The Runes know it. The Energies know it. Source and Spirit know it. Freyja knows it. But do you know it? You have all the capability, resources, and support you need to move forward. If they aren’t there, how can you open the trap door to have it flood down upon you? I see some of you need to physically change your life: move houses, your body, your job. And since Fehu meant the wealth that cattle brought to the historical people, our ancestors, that birthed this language and message-giving alphabet, the Elder Futhark, the horns of these bovine beasts appear before me. This is a stern All-Father warning to make sure that you are protected when you receive this windfall. Don’t brag. Be humble. Be kind. Oh, and don’t fall back into negative patterns from which you’ve already broken free. Keep. Moving. Forward. There is delicious living in your future. Don’t. Fall. Down. You got this, Bwitch.

Kyanite & Dagaz:

Dagaz is in Tyr’s Aett, The Justice Aett; It is all about fairness, balance, and doing the right thing.

Are you feeling like you just woke up to your life and you’re completely baffled? Yeah, it happens. You’re taking all these baby steps to live your truest self and best life, and BAM! things are so much different and you’re blinking at it like a robot on the fritz. Did you forget to be careful what you asked for? Or did you just not believe you could manifest this goodness? Stop with that baneful magic of self-doubt and embrace your power. Look at each day as the gift it is and tackle every blessing and lesson. Because the Bwitch you were yesterday is not the one you will be tomorrow. And that tomorrow being? They are badass. You know that next level is a breakthrough one for you? You’re not confident you can do it? Too bad, you can. You will. There is an utter certainty to this growth. You just need to decide if you’re going to uncover this better self. Whether your path forward is easy, medium, or hard, is really up to you. Work is involved, regardless. Dagaz wants you to work smarter not harder. And that means you may have to call in the coven and have a little work party. You know you got those Bwitches backs as well if they need your support.

Thank you!

I hope these readings resonated with you. These are intended to find you when you need them, not just on the day they are revealed. Again, if they all spoke to you, they all spoke to you. But I bet one of them touched a cord stronger than the others.

Healing is hard. Being human is hard. Working is hard. But you have the power to flourish. Open your soul to more and it will arrive. Fear is just another barrier to our truest selves and best life. Hop that hurdle and fly, Bwitch.

I wish you freedom and peace,

Blessed Be,

Runa Troy

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Pick A Rune – 6/11/2021

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Today’s choices feature Iolite (left), Labradorite(center), and Rose Quartz (right). I am casting with my buffalo teeth Runes.

If you are new here, Welcome. This is a special gift to my followers that I do to help you understand my Rune Magic, learn about Crystals, and, most importantly, the messages of the Runes. Look at the photo either above, or the closer up shot below, and feel the energy. Which one calls to you? Close your eyes. Then open them. Where do your eyes land first? Choose that one. Let the Universe know which one you choose by commenting here (Right, Center, or Left). If you already commented over on Instagram, go below for the reveal. Remember, these readings find you when you need to hear it. If you miss this one, I’ll be doing another soon and that one just may find you.

Pick a Rune: Left, Center, or Right? Comment below with your choice and then see the reveal of the Rune Casting and the reading for your choice.

Just a quick reminder before the reveal below, I have a Special Summer Solstice Reading available that includes 8 Runes and Oracle cards around a Solar Wheel Mirror. Offerings are given just for you. There are only 9 of these available right as of this posting. You can find them in my Magical Flea Market Etsy Shop. See what this Summer has in store for you with this special seasonal reading.

Iolite is a rare stone used in healing to facilitate inner journeying. Any realizations that come from such inner journeying can have profound effects on your life.

Hagalaz is the Rune with messages for you today. Ooh, baby! This transformation has been a rough one, but you are the most boldest and beautiful butterfly now. You’ve emerged from the goo of the cocoon and finally are taking deep breaths in your new power. Those hardships have made you not only a new you, but a more confident and radiant you. Don’t be surprised if you’re attracting not only new and positive attention, but a few wasps. Don’t share your milkweed with them. Find locations in the sun without them.

Labradorite belongs to a group of minerals called feldspars that are commonly found in the earth’s crust. In healing, this stone is considered to hold powerful Magic. It helps awaken supersensory abilities and the awareness of other states of energies.

Ingwaz is our Rune casted for the center choice. The Earth is calling for you to help it. How are you helping it? Are you taking control of how your home and family help the Earth rest and find relief? Where could you improve? Ingwaz wants you to know that it’s less work to help heal the Earth than to let her toil under stress. You will find new growth and a lessening of anxiety when you focus on this path. If you are wanting to increase your family, now is the time to take action on that.

Rose Quartz is a crystal you should have first and foremost. So versatile. So powerful. Used to open the heart chakra and bring more love in our lives, it can also help soothe anxiety and bring about more restful sleep.

Tiwaz has a message for you: stop sacrificing for those who don’t hold you in high regard. Giving until it hurts is not working for you here. Continuing to do this will only bring more negativity and potentially lead to a volatile situation where only more misery is harvested. Stop. Reassess. Protect your energy. And put that sacrifice back into serving your health, business, and/or relationships. It’s not necessary to be unkind when you stop giving your resources to people and areas of your life that aren’t giving you a return. Just stop. Set boundaries. Move on.

Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Hope your Eclipse Season brings you the clarity and peace you seek. Don’t forget to cleanse and align.

Blessed Be,


Pick-A-Rune 5-28-2021

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Pick A Rune is a weekly feature for a quick divination to set you right for your week.

Thanks for visiting! Sorry for the delay for those who look forward to this each week. I’ve been in slow-motion since the Lunar Eclipse. You may be feeling like you’re running in quick-sand, too. No worries, energy levels should pick up for both of us beginning now. So let’s get to it:

Today we are featuring Tiger’s Eye Runes. The set that started me on the path of Runic Magic and Divination.

If you’re new here, welcome! Look at the above photo and chose either left, center, or right. That’s Citrine, Bloodstone, or Sodalite. What calls to you? Which one whispers your name? You will find these messages when you need them. May this be correct and true. See below for the reveal and your reading.

Your message revealed.

Given the Cosmic Weather the fact that we have Raidho; Sowilo, and Jera show up, is not surprising. Lots of Air energy here.

Citrine combined with this Rune is a sure message to cleanse and re-set.

If you chose left (Citrine) the Runic message comes from Raidho. If you have been feeling like things are not in the right order, you may need to arrange your life, energy, and actions towards getting in line with the cosmic order for your specific purpose. Don’t know what that is? Take a day trip — nothing fancy, and be out in nature for a few hours. Sit next to running water and listen. What you need to do will come to you and it will set you on your path. The trees, water, rocks, they all speak. You need to be still enough to listen.

Bloodstone is used to heal the ancestral line and cleanse the lower chakras.

If you chose center (Bloodstone), the sun is calling you. Sowilo, S, for the Elder Futhark is the archetypal sun and wants you to pay attention to the solar wheel of the year. You are being called to connect to a your psychic center. When was the last time you allowed your intuition to guide you? Set aside a day and just listen to that voice. Let everything else slide away and let Spirit and your Ancestors guide you. Where are you in the solar year? Your solar year? Focus there. Give it a whole day to just shine down on you and lift you up.

Sodalite helps cleanse the throat chakra. Gratitude practices are helped by this stone, too.

If you chose right (Sodalite), Jera’s message is that you have a reward coming to you, because you moved forward on your path in a natural manner, despite your critics. You honored the work of your ancestors that allowed you to have a better life. Freyr wants you to also remember that this harvest (reward) is best received in gratitude. Be alert for signs of when it’s coming by an Eagle crossing your path.

Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Hope your Eclipse Season brings you the clarity and peace you sees. Don’t forget to cleanse and align.

Blessed Be,


Pick-A-Rune 5-21-2021


Welcome to Gemini Season and your weekly Pick A Rune. In honor of Gemini Season, we have a special Rune & Oracle Card reading for you this week. Take a look and pick Left, Center, Right and then look below for the reveal and message. This Crystal Oracle Deck is by Toni Carmine Salerno and published by Blue Angle Publishing. Birchwood Runes made by my Viking.

Pick A Rune this week in honor of Gemini Season, double twin everything!
Crystal Oracle Cards and Birchwood Runes. Individual readings below.

Jasper Red & Tiwaz: You may soon find yourself drawn into a situation in which you feel compelled to care for or protect someone who is in need, due to some traumatic event. This wound is one you unfortunately can understand because it’s something you have experienced either in this life or a former life. Do not dwell in the past however to help. Trust in the healing power of love. You’re not required to give anything more.

Wulfenite & Hagalaz: Your instincts are telling you to burn it all down and start again. Wulfenite is feeding your psychic awareness. Follow your gut. External voices don’t necessarily have your best interest at heart. Listen to the guidance that stems from your own soul. It will all work out to your best and highest good.

Beryl & Raidho: You have been plagued by an ongoing problem or dilemma and the energy of the Chariot Rune is there to let it be resolved in an unexpected way. Time to kick stress and anxiety to the curb and charge down this new pathway that has opened for you. Open your heart and know that you have unlimited creativity to achieve your goals.

Thank you for allowing me to read for you. Hope your Gemini Season brings the expansion and transformation you have been working so hard towards. Do that shadow work and I’ll see you next week.

Blessed Be,


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Pick A Rune – 5/7/2021

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Pick a Rune: Left, Middle, or Right. Hag Stone, Aragonite, or Bloodstone.

Want the Runes to give you even more messages and guidance? Consider booking an annual, quarterly, or triple Rune Casting from yours truly. You can message me to book at Runa@CountryDwellers(dot)com or via my Etsy shop, Magical Flea Market.

See the reveal and the reading below:

The Hag Stone on the Left, formed by the strong energy of water, it is used for protection and warding. Aragonite in the center is helpful in grounding, performing Earth magic, or Root Chakra work; on the right we have Bloodstone, used in Craft work to strengthen intuition and find the path to healing.

The message today from Fehu has to deal with your spiritual wealth. If you have not protected your sacred time to enhance your spirituality, this is your message to focus on your spiritual life to increase the abundance you receive from such work. Quit making excuses and set the time aside for craft work, meditation, yoga, and even just walking barefoot in the grass. Perhaps you need to wander along the water’s edge and find your own Hag Stone.

Aragonite has brought Sowilo forward, which is the Rune of personal energy. You have the inner drive to transform, but you’re going to need self-control and discipline to continue the positive direction. Keep your ego in check. Always be humble and kind.

The Bloodstone holds up the Rune Wunjo Merkstave (reversed). This is your reminder not to isolate yourself. Everyone needs some solid interaction even in small doses. Do be mindful of possible betrayals near you. Check yourself before you wreck yourself, just like your mama used to tell you.

Thank you for allowing me to provide this divination for you. I hope the messages lead you to your truest self and best life.

Blessed Be,


Pick-A-Rune, 4-30-2021

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Today’s Readings was done after making an offering to Freyja, and all the energy she represents. Since these readings will now take place on Friday, it seemed only right. The Buffalo Teeth Runes were used, hosted by (1) Chalcedony; (2) Lilac Kunzite; (3) Apache Tear.

Thank you all, once again, for honoring me with providing this reading for you. The energies following the Full Moon in Scorpio this past week are still strong. Messages have been clear and many. If you’re new here, for this reading, please pick one of the Runes. Look at them, understand that the stones next to them hold energies that very much may be calling to you. Look away or close your eyes for a moment. Open your eyes again. Where did your eye land first? Was it to the left with the stone, Chalcedony? Was it to the right with the Apache Tear? Or did it land smack dab in the middle with the Lilac Kunzite? Whichever you picked, the reveal and reading is below.


From Left to Right, the Runes cast are: Laguz, Ansuz, and Kenaz. For their messages, see below.


If you chose the Chalcedony Rune, you are wanting to bring your mind, body, and spirit into harmony.

Laguz is the Rune that has been cast for you. It is full of water energy and understands you want relief from hostility and to transform your melancholy into joy. What you dream of is not a fantasy. Laguz bears the message that if you can imagine it, you can make it happen. Pay attention to your dreams for more information for the path forward.

If you chose Lilac Kunzite, it’s likely you are needing some free expression of your feelings or needing to connect with people who have experienced what you have.

Your choice has brought you a message for Ansuz, the Rune of ancestors and the Allfather. Your inner child is in need. It longs for creative expression and to live the vision of life you know you want. Forget the heartache, it is blocking you. Align that Heart Chakra and go for that which you desire. What battles did your ancestors already fight so that you could live a better life? Honor them by living your best life as your truest self.

If you chose Apache Tear, you are seeking protection and grace.

If you chose Apache Tear, you know that grief must be shared, and the wrongs of old healed. Kenaz is the Rune cast for you today and it is a Beacon of New Strength. You recognize the gentle support you have been given to move forward past that which is no longer serving you. You know the guiding light in your life directs you to vibrate higher and to harness your power. Fry Scrying may provide you further direction forward.

Pick-A-Rune: 4-21-2021

It’s Taurus Season! And Witch Wednesday! So Pick A Rune and let’s not pull any bull, ok?

In honor of Taurus season, we have #1 Rune paired with Malachite; #2 Rune paired with Petrified Wood; and #3 Rune paired with Howlite. Look at the photo, which Rune is whispering to you? Which stone’s energy pulls you in? Choose one and see the reveal below.


In case you needed a closer look…

Spring is in full swing for most of us in the Northern Hemisphere, whereas our Southern Hemisphere friends and family are preparing for winter. It’s a busy time wherever you find yourself. So what messages do the Runes have for us today?

If you picked: #1 Malachite, your Rune is Uruz; #2 Petrified Wood, your Rune is Algiz; #3 Howlite, your Rune is Laguz.
Uruz is in Freyja’s aett. As for Malachite is a stone for warriors and is able to enhance passion for life and the energy to be true to one’s unique purpose.

If this was your pick, you need to know that this Rune is the Mother of Manifestation. Where have you planted seeds that need tending? Get to it because now is the time to shape and form your circumstances creatively through will and inspiration. Your dreams are realized through a bit of watering and composting.

Algiz is in Heimdall’s aett. Petrified Wood is associated with Taurus because of its powerful Earth Energy. It used to be a living tree, after all. It carries with it the healing power and wisdom of nature.

If you chose #2, Algiz is the Rune most associated with protection, especially that which the Earth provides. This is the Rune that connects the gods and humanity. Right now you are being called for a higher purpose. Are you listening? What steps can you take to live in this higher vibration?

Laguz is in Tyr’s Aett. Howlite is often used to calm an anxious mind; it opens the mind to wisdom.

Choice #3 is full of Watery energy, washing ashore the Earth energy of Taurus season. Laguz represents the primal waters that bring all life. This is a potent rune of initiation. What new things are you letting into your life? Are they serving you? Are they feeding your magic? This is the time to take inventory and let goodness wash over you and let anything that isn’t serving you flow away.

Thanks again for allowing me to divine for you again this week. If you appreciate the work I do, please let me know in the comments below. If you’re interested in a deeper Runic Reading, feel free to message me about booking either a 3-rune, quarterly, or annual reading.

Have a great week,


Pick A Rune – 4-7-2021


Your Weekly Rune Casting from Runa Troy

From Left to Right: Turquoise, Calcite, or Chrysoprase

These are intended to find you when you need the message. Instead of actual crystals this week, I was called to use my Crystal Oracle Deck — this Crone doesn’t just use Runes for divination and messages from the Universe. And we’re using everyone’s favorite Bison-Teeth Rune set. Look at the photo. Where does your eye go? Close your eyes or look away and where does your heart say to go? Left? Middle? Right? Turquoise, Calcite, or Chrysoprase? Leave a comment below with which one you choose, please. Thank you again for spending a little bit of time with me on Witch Wednesday! Reveal is below…


Reveal Below


Turquoise is a protective stone and promotes spiritual attunement and enhances communication with both the spiritual and physical worlds.

The Rune pulled here is Algiz, the Elk Spirit, full of protection. Given that it’s paired with Turquoise protection is a huge focus for this message. Where is your refuge and sanctuary? Have you ignored making sure you have that space? With our own sacred spaces, we can channel our energy and stand in our power and commune with the Divine. Get yours squared away and nest in its healing protection.

Calcite is a powerful amplifier and cleanser of energy.

Othalla is the Rune of Ancestral Property. The message today surrounds around fundamental values, yours, your ancestors, and your descendants. Are you living your values? Your beliefs? If not, the message is to live what you believe, talking about them is not enough. You will not be remembered for the things you have, but how you treat the creatures of the world. What positive deeds can you do today?

Chrysoprase is a great stone for when you want to promote love of truth, hope, and personal insights.

Raidho is riding its wagon on Chrysoprase right now, which means that your progression towards love, truth, hope, and wisdom is moving forward. Remember you decide your path, no one else. Also, you won’t get to your destination unless you have the right frame of mind, so ground, center, and root and move forward again.

Thanks again for allowing me to divine for you again this week. If you appreciate the work I do, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week,


Pick A Rune – 3-31-2021

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It’s Witch Wednesday!

Your Weekly Pick-A-Rune from Runa Troy. Pick one that speaks to you. #1 is Desert Rose; #2 is Fossil Amber, #3 is Snowflake Obsidian. Which did you choose? Comment below.

At this point you should know the drill. Pick the one that makes you keep looking at it. Is that the first, second, or third? Comment below with your choice. This week we’re using the Tiger’s Eye rune set and featuring some very healing stones alongside.


Here is your weekly Pick A Rune Reveal. #1 Desert Rose with Raidho; #2 Fossil Amber is Sowilo; and #3 Snowflake Obsidian is Gebo. See below for readings.
Raidho is the Rune of movement and travel, also known as the Chariot or Wagon Rune. Desert Rose is a great crystal to help improve self-confidence.

If you picked number one, the message today is about recognizing that your journey on your current path is about evolution. It’s time to check and make sure that you are evolving, becoming your truest self and living your best life. If this is not the case, it’s time to switch directions.

Sowilo is the rune of the Sun; Fossil Amber is not a crystal at all, but a tree resin that solidified and became fossilized. It has strong connections with the earth and is a grounding stone for higher energies.

If you chose number two, the message this week is to know that wholeness is on the horizon for you. Be sure to honor your partnerships so you may garner even more success.

#3 is Gebo, the Rune of Gifts. Snowflake Obsidian is a great crystal to carry if you are having issues with your skin or eyes. It is said to improve circulation with its energy.

If you picked number three for our Pick-A-Rune this week, then the message is to examine where you protect and serve the Earth. How are you doing your part for a stable, safe, and sustainable home? When you work with Mama Nature, not only do you reap the benefits, so do those around you.

Thanks again for allowing me to divine for you again this week. If you appreciate the work I do, please let me know in the comments below.

Have a great week,


Weekly Pick-A-Rune – 03-24-2021



This week’s PIck-A-Rune features Bison Teeth Runes and Iolite, Labradorite, and Charoite.

Look at the picture above. Now look away. When you look back, what calls to you? That’s your number. Note it here in the comments, or if you have already done this on my Instagram, then look below for the reveal. We’re in Aries season now, and the primal fire is hot.


1) Iolite is Ingwaz; 2) Labradorite is Wunjo; 3) Charoite is Jera.
#1 – Iolite & Ingwaz.

#1 – Iolite & Ingwaz: The full moon is coming and you need to tie up loose ends. With those chores done you can release that anxiety that has been hanging around and truly rest. Take a day off from everything as soon as you can. Venture deep into nature. Dig your toes in the sand, your hands in the soil; or your back against a tree. Let the sun shine on you for a good moment. This is a time to use your third-eye chakra. Then look to see how you can help heal our dear Mother Earth, even in a small way.

#2 Labradorite with Wunjo.

#2- Labradorite with Wunjo. If you’re feeling in a rut, you need to look for wonderment again. Avoid intoxicants for a bit of time and listen to your mind, body, and spirit. There is a new detour on your path that will return pleasure and harmony to you. Use the passion and fire of Aries season to get it on!

Charoite and Jera.

#3 – Charoite and Jera have a message for you: Renew your commitment to getting that project done. It will be not only a gift to yourself but to all those around you. However, more joy will be yours if you’re humble about the accomplishment of it. You will succeed in your goal; just don’t let it go to your head.

Thanks again for accepting this casting. If you appreciate this weekly messages, let me know in the comments. Don’t forget I do full readings as found in my Magical Flea Market. You can find my offerings here: Book A Rune Casting With Runa. If you don’t have an Etsy account, you can always message me and we can book a reading privately.

Now go out and be the magic of this world by being your truest self and living your best life.

Blessed Be,