Intuitive Services

Dream Interpretations, Rune Castings, and More…

At the root of how I live a magical life and help others live a magical life is providing services like Dream Interpretations, Rune Castings (a divination with Elder Futhark Runes), and other services for which you would seek out a Witch.

Dream Interpretations:

Dreams are an incredible resource that provide Divine Downloads about messages and guidance from the universe for our best and highest good. Dreams can be a powerful tool of insight into our daily life’s challenges and where the solutions lie.

I have been doing dream work and interpretation all my adult life. When I interpret people’s dreams I pull from not only my intuition, but my long study of dream work, especially Jungian Psychology. If I am unclear on something I may ask for directions from my spirit guides, pull a Rune, Tarot Card, and/or check the current astrologic environment.

When you book a dream interpretation reading, you will provide me as detailed description of your dream as possible. Things to include are symbols, feelings you had within the dream and after waking, people, sounds, actions, and anything else you think important. All of these will help me provide the most accurate interpretation as possible. If you don’t remember everything, that’s alright, we’ll work with what you can remember.

Leave your name, and email address. If you’d like a deeper interpretation, please include the date of the dream, your date of birth, place of birth, and time of birth. Your natal chart often helps me with deeper interpretation. Providing this last information is optional, but it doesn’t cost you anything extra. All of your information remains confidential.

Once I receive this information, I will send an email back to you with your reading via email within one day. To book a dream interpretation, you can either go through Etsy (Click This Link) or you can simply email me at and we can do an electronic payment via Paypal. If you have questions at all, feel free to email me.

Rune Casting

Much like Tarot readings, Runes are used as tools of divination. I offer a Triple-Rune Reading, A Quarterly Cast, A Year-Ahead, and on occasion a special seasonal reading (e.g. Beltane, Virgo Season, etc.).

You can find my offerings over at Etsy, and once again, like the Dream Interpretations, you are welcome to email me directly and do an electronic payment via Paypal. If you have questions, feel free to email me.

And More…

Often there is a special spell, reading,

Intuitive Readings (Dream Interpretation, Rune Casting, etc.) should not be used as a substitute for medical, psychological, psychiatric, professional, legal, or financial advice or care. I am not qualified to provide legal, financial, or any medical advice and this advice should be sought from a suitable professional. Dream readings and interpretations are for entertainment purposes only. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. When you purchase my readings you are confirming your age is 18 years or older.