Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire Coming Soon

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A New Way To Optimize Your Magic

Two West-Coast Witches Collaborate on New Magical Life Tools

Bellingham, WA. – This autumn’s season of the Witch may just be more organized. A new foundational tool is premiering for all those who practice witchcraft, love astrology, Tarot, and love to celebrate lunar and solar observances.

The Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire (MODG) is an all-in-one Book of Shadows, astro-weather guide, as well as a tracker for your dreams, intentions, and your everyday Magic. Walking in the Craft is all about being our truest selves and living our best lives. We get there day-by-day. Improving, one step at a time. One day at a time. Present in the moment, and eye on the details.

Runa Troy along with fellow Witch and co-creator, Kelsi Horner, contend that the MODG gives its users a way to optimize their time and energy (and thereby their resources and energy). 

This Grimoire gives each day its due with a big focus on Magic, including the day’s astrology featuring the degrees of the transit. Every month has an overview detailing the moon cycles and zodiac transits. Throughout the planner there are art, quotes, and witchy knowledge and tips to perhaps teach, inspire, and entertain.

“I got tired of carrying – and often losing – multiple planners, astrology calendars, notebooks, and journals to keep me on track,” Horner said. “Runa and I found ourselves discussing wanting something different, a new system to incorporate keeping our mundane and magical lives aligned, with a focus on the Magic.” 

“Next thing I know we’re working on creating just that and Magicae Optimum was born,” Troy said.

It is available for pre-order on September 16, 2023.

Special collections to complement the MODG are also available at It can also be ordered through

She’s Alive! Are You Ready?

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Pre-orders begin for Magicae Optimum Daily Grimoire and More!

Get the newest magical tool to center and expand Magic in your life! Preorders begin September 9, 2023.

Click the image above to be transported directly to get your hands on the best way to optimize the Magic in your life. First shipments are targeted to arrive by mid-October. We’ll update you as timelines become clearer! So excited to share this with you all!

New Limited-Time Reading: All Digital. No appointment necessary.

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Messages From Forest to Sea Reading
Limited Time! June 21 through September 19, 2023
All Digital – No appointment necessary

7 Mushroom Spirit Oracle cards
2 Runes
9 ways towards what you need to know to be your truest self and live your best life

I am in love with this Mushroom Spirit Oracle deck. Nicola McIntosh has created a classic. I just had to use this in a new style reading. In the spirit of summer, and all the places I love to be during it, I put together this From Forest to Sea reading. In addition to the seven oracle cards, there are two shell Runes, gathered and created by yours truly. These are messages from our ancestors as we move through our summer season.

This reading will be available only from the Summer Solstice through the Fall Equinox. Schedule you’re reading today. Those who schedule a reading will receive photos and a complete written report of said reading so they can refer to it over and over again.

Blessed Be,
Creative Crone

In most circumstances you’ll get this reading within 72 hours of purchase, but it can take up to 9 days depending on demand. I will communicate with you about the timeline so you know when you can expect to receive it.

If you are uncomfortable supporting Etsy, we can work a direct connection. Just email me your request to runa(at) runatroy (dot) com.

Justice Is Coming: A Look At Current Dream Trends

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As a dream interpreter I am privileged to begin to see trends in the collective consciousness via my own and my clients’ dreams. Right now the theme is very clear: Justice is coming. 

When I look at astrology during this time when these dreams are happening, it makes sense that collectively we’d be looking at such things. Personally, I do believe it’s past time. Right now Neptune is in Pisces and for the last decade plus I’ve seen more and more people tuning into their dreams. The emotiveness of Pisces and Neptune’s hold on dreams, allows us to connect more easily, if not more moodily.

However, beyond the current moon in Libra (the moon is transiting here as I post this),  which traditionally has everyone looking at fairness, balance, and justice, I think Uranus in Taurus is helping us get more energized about what is right for our society. Uranus is always pushing against the status quo and is known as the rebel planet. It’s waking up the entire planet. 

To see this influence from Uranus dancing in Taurus, all you have to do is look at what’s going on around you, let alone the current global and national news. Climate change is a constant. Healthcare access and equity. COVID-19 has taught us lots. But how do we raise the importance of such a critical part of human life? The War in Ukraine rages still, more than a year now; yet, that looks young to places like Syria, Yemen, Myanmar. But don’t forget the newest conflict in Sudan. In the United States, how many people were shot today? How many of them were People of the Global Majority? Meanwhile, those lacking housing are pushed out of small camp communities they’ve tried hard to maintain. Most telling from the news yesterday, the Supreme Court is about to hear a case that may put in jeopardy the ruling of more than 19,000 other cases. It’s a biggie. If you haven’t heard about this, read up, friend. And those just seem to be the top seven. There’s so much more push and pull going on. Uranian energy all the way, folx. 

Dreams sending me to this conclusion include more clear-cut “sentencing” in some of the dreams I’m interpreting, but also, more personal justice issues (wronged by a member of your kindred, which can be a friend or family member) or scenes that have clear signs and actions that point to that. These symbols go beyond the commonly known scales or other legalese characters of the ancient Justitia, but include things that many may not know is pointing to some kind of legal recompense. And you thought prunes were just for gut health. 😉

Understanding this it seemed only right to share the information to the collective. How have your dreams been? Are the consequences incoming? Do you see an uptick in Justice symbols in your own dreams or waking life? Uranus is going to be in Taurus until 2026, so let’s all keep an eye out – dream out, perhaps – for more upheaval and push towards Justice.  

If you want to learn more about dream work, consider joining my Patreon, where we work on incorporating it into our Craft practices. Come join the Covenstead and learn about this and other cool witchy shizzle.  

Freshening Up the Website & More…

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Hi Mystical Friends! Thanks for visiting my little cottage on the internet. You’ll notice things are freshened up and spiffy around my website. As the path within my business as a public Witch becomes even more pronounced, growth and changes are necessary.

Like a fresh coat of paint, the new logo identifies what is at the core of everything I do: creativity. I’m creating Magic everyday with how I choose to walk the path. There’s some new and clear messaging on how I operate as a Magical practitioner, contact information for interviews and appearances, as well as a collection of media clips – the latter of which I hope will be helpful as we get closer to publishing that debut book with Llewellyn Worldwide.

I haven’t just freshened up the website here either, I’ve been busy polishing up other spaces as well.  The Etsy shop has been dusted off as well. Even more importantly my Patreon has some new changes as well, making it more possible to share even more Magic from me to you. 

Take a look. Check it out. Let me know what you think. Have questions? The Witch is In. Email me and let’s book a time to connect! 

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From The Desk of The Writing Witch: Making Magic While I Write

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The Vernal Equinox in The Witch’s Garden. You can get your spring jackalope garden flag too from

If you recall back to the beginning of the calendar year, none of us were having much renewal energy. The Cosmic Weather with Mars and Mercury in Retrograde required us to slow the eff down. And things have been slow. But now they are revving up quickly and filled with full-throttle Aries energy.

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, so this new moon lands at a season change as well. It’s auspicious. It’s powerful. Can’t waste it. Now I have less than seven months to finish this book and it’s coming along well enough. My Leo Rising wants it to be perfect and showy, but the rest of me just wants it done well and completely compelling. But as my son with the Virgo Moon & Rising has taught me: Done is perfect. But getting it done is the real work, yes? 

As I compose (there’s that word of 2023!) this book for Llewellyn, I’m also discovering new Magic, especially where my study of astrology is concerned (belated happy world astrology day, btw!). As I compose my platform to help this book launch into the world, I’m also discovering new Magic, especially where my Permie Witch duties take me. For that I’m making public two things I think will help teach and inspire those beginning or cruising along on the path of the Craft. One is some of the Magic I’ve discovered and curated (2022’s word) as I dive even deeper into Magical Mixology, the other is all about setting and following-through with intentions, especially where I create a sanctuary for myself and my fellow Witches here at Villa Westwyk.

Allow me to start with the intentions. Recognizing that today is the New Moon in Aries – a moon full of new-beginnings, courage, and self-focus energy, the start of the Witch’s and Astrologer’s New Year, my New Moon Intentions are being recorded here. I’m doing this in part because I think it’s important for Witchlings (Grand one included) to see the process that an ol’ Solitary practitioner creates and follow it along. The Full Moon in Aries is about six months from now (9/29/23 @ 0257 hrs PDT). The book needs to be in the hands of my publisher by then. And although I want this draft to be done before the eclipse later this month, all my revisions need to be done and into the publisher by the end of September. So let’s use that Aries energy to get started.  To set intentions on the new moon, I love working with the book New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller to help form my intentions. Because as Witches we know that words are important and hold power. We want that power to work for us and not against us. Spiller breaks down the energy and focus so easily for you, that even if you’ve not studied Astrology or spell crafting, you’ll get it quickly. 

My New Moon in Aries 3/21/23 Intentions:

  1. I want to easily find myself writing the right words for this book that are a reflection of my true self.
  2. I want to easily find myself making choices that are in the best interest of finishing this book.
  3. I want all fears around my assertively blazing new beginning with my manuscript easily lifted from me.
  4. I want to easily find myself following my own constructive instincts in creating this manuscript.
  5. I want to be filled with strength and boldness in my approach to writing this book.
  6. I want to remain consistently vigilant in the matter of finishing this manuscript. 
  7. I want any survival instincts that are authorally counterproductive and easily lifted from me. 
  8. I want to easily find myself initiating action in regard to writing and finishing this book.

My plan now with these is to visit the intentions at least weekly (hello working with the moon cycles that my Patrons see consistently) to see how I am doing. I may continue to blog on it as the book’s creation progresses. But for sure, we’ll revisit it come September. I encourage you to set some intentions today as well for the next six months, what can you accomplish with the energy of the Aries new moon. 

Now for the Magic In My Cup discovery to share here. Since I’ve begun my second Saturn return, I’m sharing the craft cocktail I made in honor of this return. Although this one will not be found in my book, it gives you a sample of some of what you will find when this book is made public. You can find the link to the potent potion over on my Patreon at the end of this post. Kind of like the Monster At The End of This Book (a favorite book to read to my babies back in the day), but instead it’s a Witch handing you a Pisces In Saturn Cocktail. 

Celebrate Saturn in Pisces here:

Happy Spring, Witches! Now go be your truest self and live your best life, Magical One!

Reflection, Review, and Revving up

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The energy at the start of 2023 has provided a slow start to the year, at least for me, personally. However, when I query the Witches around me, I find the same. They aren’t charged up to review the last year and prepare for the new. The astrology of the two starts to 2022 and 2023 holds true to these feelings. This year we’re starting the year with Mercury and Mars both retrograde. Last year We started the year off with a New Moon, Mercury in Aquarius, and The Sun trining Uranus and the Moon sextiling Jupiter. We have go vs. pause; plant vs. rest; and expansion vs. introspection.

This slow energy is actually good, I believe. It mimics what nature is doing and seems more conducive to taking stock and moving forward with intention. But I admit that the start of 2023 has me feeling a bit “behind,” especially as I look back on my Word and Rune of 2022 and consider what my Word and Rune of 2023 will be. Yet here I am, well into January and still assessing what happened last year and what I want to happen this year. The whole process has been flipped on its side. It feels raw, real, yet required.

I’ve been thinking about writing this post for weeks now. I wanted to post it right about the calendar new year, much like I did last year. But the review in my mind, in my heart, in my gut, is feeling hard to explain. For all intents and purposes this piece is supposed to be my review of my word – curate – of the year, and Rune – Ehwaz, of 2022, which originally was supposed to be two separate pieces, again, as I did last year. But this year, there’s a strict budget on my time to put content here on my blog. 

Regardless, I feel it’s important to show the longer process of doing these rituals annually for subsequent years.To show how they have shaped, molded, and enhanced or changed my existence here on Villa Westwyk, in North County, and on Planet Earth. This is not to suggest that I have anything fucking figured out. I just am showing you what has worked, or even what hasn’t worked in my craft as a Witch and the winding and weird way it’s taken me. There are lessons. Some are easily learned. Some, not so much. Pay attention, Runa! Like letting the land speak to me for what is important and what is not. To slow down, or speed up as necessary. To take the time to really be present, right now, right this minute. To notice the progress even when it is banefully viewed as too slow. To recognize finally that creativity has active and inactive phases – again, just like Mama Earth. 

And between us Witches, this is how my solitary practice shows up in earnest. Understanding the energies I have available to me to create the life I want, pushing forward to be the truest form of myself and living the best way I can while writing it all down. 

Writing it all down. It’s been a weird dance lately. There’s so much learning that goes into creating a manuscript. Yes, as a Crone, I’m still learning. This manuscript is my first feature-length non-fiction work. I set the goal to be kind to myself while I designed how to create this manuscript. I’ve been doing journalism and other expository writing for years. But, that takes the visible and reports it while hinting at the interiority of any person, place, or thing within that story. Here, instead, I am writing something that is so far in the realm of invisible – energy work via what liquids we put in our bodies. How do you detail the feeling that living with intention and connecting to the unseen, and paint a picture for someone else to read? How do I do this, especially since this is something that can be deeply personal and different for everyone? I have to weave a tale of the invisible into the visible. What does the story of this book look like? Am I sketching it out correctly? Is it conveying what I want? This has proven to be a big ask of my creativity. It’s pushing me out of my comfort zone. And with each step towards accomplishing this goal.. FINISH THE BOOK!  FINISH THE BOOK!  FINISH THE BOOK! …I’m finding new connections towards how I’m already living. It’s revealing more about my own life, I feel, then the information the publisher perhaps wants. It’s become a balancing act…active, inactive. Write. Do. Think. Rest. Write. Do. Think. Rest. And Onward.

In a manner of speaking, from October, when my book project was born, through the end of December, I’ve been curating a framework for it. Almost like building a house in the mountains. I’ve got the concrete footings poured and I’m framing the walls, but as I’m framing the walls, I’m recognizing that some of the duct work doesn’t provide good chi in the space, or is too bulky or blocking light and I’m redesigning on the fly. This presents new sets of framing challenges. What does it need to include? Is that really all of it? Why is it important to anyone else? Is it too esoteric? Is it too simple? Is it inclusive? Check your privilege, Witch. Why is it even important to do this? Can I expand on this theme and make it something transformative? More questions, less answers. Lots of daydreaming in order to make sense of the breadth of the whole thing. For all my kindred: I know I’m in my head a lot lately. Please forgive me. 

It’s not far from this forest of questions, to the meadow where my partnership with Ehwaz resides in the landscape of last year. Ehwaz is the Horse Rune. Divine knew all the power I needed in 2022 to push forward and break into doing something like this book. When I doubted myself, its message would remind me that gradual development is strong development. Small Slow Solutions, just like in my practice of permaculture. Ehwaz would remind me that I needed to invest in myself so that I could have steady progress. It would whisper to me to trust myself, and to be loyal to the systems that support my work. 

So from Curate and the Horse Rune, where do I go next? Throughout December through now, I have been scribbling thoughts and notes about where I want to go from here. I know I want to amplify the good I created in 2022. I want to maximize the efficiency that Ehwaz taught me or showed me. Physically there is a lot of construction that needs to be done this upcoming year. We will be setting up a swimming space. We’ll be building a firewood shed. We need to clear what’s not working, like the ancient cold frame and enhance the space with a new laying hens compound. We need to finally rehab the winter barn for the geese and ducks, as climate change is real and in our face each winter we reside here.We are still in need of rehabbing our water systems and drainage, to include a pond for the water fowl. And of course, I am creating my manuscript, which is now due in nine months.

What word encompasses all of that for 2023? It became obvious when I looked at my goals and where I’m coming from and where I’m going. With this in mind, drumroll please…

Compose. This is my word for 2023. It’s going to be a year of taking all that I’ve curated and using it to conduct the next phase for Villa Westyk, my Craft, and my book. It’s time to put the drywall up, and install the floors. It’s time to make this project look like a sturdy house. It’s time to weave it into a home. I need to compose, to form a connected whole by combining various elements and details. I need to compose this book. I need to compose growing spaces, safe and play spaces for my kindred. I need to compose stronger relationships, especially where my community is concerned. I need to compose a song of life for 2023 that includes good health, a well-received book, better growing systems, and kindred spaces. And to do so in a more efficient and/or upgraded approach to this life and sharing it with others.  

To do that I’m going to need the energy of the Rune Raidho ᚱ, which funny enough, means ‘ride.” 2023 is apparently a “Chariot” year from the tarot as determined by numerology. The fact that I need to focus on composing in my life in 2023 and that such circular flow, rhythm, and movement towards progression is ruled by Raidho in the Elder Futhark and it aligns with other universal energies. This shores up my knowing definitely that this is the Rune I’ll work with all this year. 

Raidho is in Freyja’s aett and I’ve been feeling called by her a lot lately. Deity work has not been something regular in my practice through the decades. I’m hoping that my year-long partnership with Raidho might provide an opening and opportunity for me to understand Freyja’s energies and Magic deeper, to perhaps dedicate some time, space, and energy of my own towards this important goddess to the Runes and to my Craft of MidGardening Witchery.  

So there we have it friends, my word of the year 2023 is ‘compose.’ My Rune of the year is Raidho. It will be interesting to see what it helps me 

Now if you excuse me I have to ride myself over to my chair and write this book. 

Magic In My Cup: Knit A Spell Podcast

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A big ol’ thank you to Knit A Spell Podcast and the lovely Katie Rempe and James Divine for giving me a good fit of giggles and talking story and sharing the subject of my upcoming book with Llewellyn. @LightFromALantern and @DivineHandJim are so lovely and I didn’t even realize we had talked that long!

You may listen here: 

Thanks for sharing and listening! Have a Magical Week!

A Work Horse of A Rune: The Teachings Of Ehwaz Through 2022

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The Winter Solstice is just nine days away. Which means I’ve been working with the energy of Ehwaz ( ᛖ )  the whole of 2022. This is my third year working with one Rune in particular, in order to deepen my connection and further my understanding of the Runes, since I work with them daily. This practice is part of my MidGardening Witchery – the moniker I’ve given my spiritual practice. Regardless, part of being a Witch is that you are always learning. That’s exactly what Ehwaz taught me this year: keep learning.

And I did learn. I deepened my knowledge of astrology, my Craft, and permaculture.I took chances, I wouldn’t likely have without Ehwaz at my side. I learned that a shot-in-the-dark book pitch could absolutely turn into a deal. I invested in my writing in new ways, securing a mentor that feels like the big sister I never had. I started a Patreon, that now is filled with so much community, I could cry. It helped me through some challenging times with family illness and allowed me new insights into the skills I’ve developed to keep my composure even in the hardest of times. Ehwaz reminded me of the goodness that self-compassion can bring, not just self-care. 

I connected with new and different people, places, and activities. Joined in new projects. Was invited as guests on podcasts I respect. I found new worth in my life experience. I embraced the healing towards my inner child and have now moved on to heal the wounded inner teenager. I strengthened the harmony in my marriage. I repaired worthy relationships and let go of those that had passed their season. I even developed deeper bonds with the animals here at the covenstead. I also connected with my ancestors in new ways, which helped me understand my Fetch, allowing me to weave that Wyrd, that much more expertly. 

Because Ehwaz is in Tyr’s aett, it made me examine the things I am doing to provide myself the nurturing of my intellect, my spiritual practices, and the understanding of my place in the world. I recognize where cleverness, like Tyr, is good, and where I need to invest in the strength of my body. Justice and what that looks like in my life has been a huge theme over this year and I’m curious to see if that continues as not all “victories” have come through…yet. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ehwaz. I mean, it means horse and I have a long tradition of not really digging horses and vice versa (although I have a plan to change that). But like all Runes, Ehwaz was more than its mundane meaning. It was a big, fat spiritual teacher, for which I’m grateful. 

For 2023 I’ll once again be choosing a Rune of the year; but I plan to do that as part of my calendar new year’s rituals and observations. Another blog post to follow to give you all the details on that. For now the Blog will be kind of silent until after the Yuletide. This is a time for planning, rest, and celebration. Besides, there’s a book deadline I’m working towards. Until then, I hope you have the brightest and merriest of holidaze. 

Did you do a Rune for the year? If so, what did you learn? 

Gift Like A Witch: Yuletide Gift Ideas for 2022


Witches Are Different; Our Gifts Are Too

Oh, Yule. I love you and then don’t love you. I’ve been trying to get this post out since well before western thanksgiving. Clearly it’s been a struggle. And gift giving is, whether we realize it or not, also about how the act of giving makes the giver feel. I want to feel good about what I an giving, for sure, but I also want to make sure that it’s squee-inducing and sustainable. I know, I don’t want much.

This year the preparation for celebrating the Winter Solstice is finding me feeling very grinchy. I have a book to write and a lot of my creative power goes to that project, so thinking of gift ideas or holiday plans feels overwhelming. These feelings may very well be due to the world being like….well, our world. If you are feeling the same, I’m here to say you’re not alone.  

This time of year it’s easy to feel this way, which could easily lead to stressing out or hurting people’s feelings. And feelings might be hurt not because you didn’t give a gift, but rather because there was no care in the thought of the gift. This is my 57th Yule, I can tell you receiving last-minute gifts from someone comes with the same energy. You’re better off giving a hug and telling the person the truth, then basically giving whatever.

These Bah-Humbug feelings can dip down into our thoughts about how to give gifts with our kindred, a Yule tradition for centuries. My Germanic/Norse ancestors started sharing their bounty with their kindred and community long before the word Christmas was uttered. Gifts were mostly consumables like food or drink, hand-made tokens of affection (think hand-carved into hair comb, or a fur collar for hunting in the snow) or simply spending time together. All good tried-and-true choices. I never dislike receiving a bottle of wine, or chocolate, or anything hand-crafted. 

But I don’t have a lot of time or energy this year, plus resources are tight. So now what? 

Bounty was the word that kept being whispered to me and which pinballed around in my brain every time I sat down to write this post. What bounty could I share with my children, my family, my friends, and my community?  

Outside of my larder, which will still be a source of gifts for friends and family and has been for decades, there are larger things that I think I will be looking at as “gifts” this Yuletide. I’m sharing them here to hopefully inspire you, reader, and others to help cross off your gift-giving lists. 

  1. Change for Climate Change. I do not know anyone who calls themselves a Witch who doesn’t care for our planet and its creatures and who actively works – in a myriad of ways – for its benefit. Climate change is here. And we have to make drastic changes. It’s one of the reasons permaculture called out to me. This is my number one gift-giving idea. From giving to organizations to helping someone change a not so great consumption habit is likely number one on a Witch’s Yule wish list. Organizations like the Environmental Defense Fund, 1000 Gretas, or Climate Foundation can use all the gifts in people’s names they can get. Many organizations can let you give small amounts each month, which makes it easier to gift for those of us on a strict budget. During the gifting season a lot of organizations offer cool trinkets for the donation that you can then gift to your kindred in addition to the donation. For several years now, friends and family have received replacements for less sustainable living solutions from The Viking and I. Everything from reusable sandwich bags, bamboo towels, convenient reusable shopping bags, beeswax wrap, hemp socks, solar powered chargers, and the list goes on and on. There’s a healthier choice for just about every item we use daily out there. Go find it. Lastly, you can plan an outing with your clan to do something restorative (trash clean up, planting trees or community garden) for the environment and have a picnic or support a small local restaurant or food truck afterwards. Memories plus! However you give an offering to Mama Earth to your Witches, you’ll watch the Earth heal together. 
  2. Civic Participation. So many of the Witches in my circle and community deeply wish for a more equitable society. Many of us use our platform to educate folx about those in need of justice and care. I think this is a huge gift. Again donations are always welcome for nonprofit organizations working to create safe spaces for LGBTQA+, women, immigrants, war refugees, and animals. Volunteering with organizations that do that is another way to gift. Those hours add up to a monetary value by the organization and as the volunteer, you can get a tax deduction. No lie. Many organizations will give a certificate of your hours, the worth of that donation, and can dedicate it to another individual. We do that now with Habitat for Humanity, since houselessness is an area that really gets my attention. Look for the local organizations (for me here in the Upper Left USA it’s the Opportunity Council) that work directly with the most vulnerable in our community. Additionally, gifting to candidates who work for the issues important to our community may also be more heartfelt to your kindred. Voting for those candidates that work for our entire community, not just the corporations would be such a great gift for one another. If you told me you voted, I consider it a gift. So, thank you.
  3. Growth Opportunities. When I say this, I don’t mean therapy sessions or scary bungee jumping to overcome fear – although, you do you, Witch!, but something that lets you grow together or even individually. Something that invests in your loved one personally or your relationship. My friend recently got ceramic classes for her and her mother. They are learning something together, taking time out each week to be with one another, and exploring the world together. This is what I mean. How about a gift certificate to your friend’s favorite yoga studio? Maybe you both take a meditation class together? Plan a monthly hike together. Stretch your creative muscles together in a community painting class. My local library has some great classes that provide gardening, painting, and even sailing lessons! Make a plan, stick to it, and what a gift you’ll have in both directions. 
  4. Time Investments. Time is the most precious commodity any of us have. Perhaps gift some regular time with your loved one. A second Friday happy hour together? How about brunch at the end of the month? Go to your favorite plant store together once a month.  Or walk the beach nearby twice a month looking for red sea glass. Saturday card games with good snacks are always fun and low-stress and easy on the budget. Again, flex those creativity muscles and find a way to connect regularly and with grace. What a gift!

So no need to be overwhelmed. Set yourself up with a small bit of time, some tea, your best familiar, and make a list of what truly would feel good to give and has some collective meaning to it. For me, I’m just grateful I finally got this out into the world. But you better believe, I’ll be looking at these four bigger-picture gifts for my best Witches and kindred. 

Happy Yuletide all! Let me know what is your wish or go-to sustainable and heartfelt gift?