About Runa Troy

Well Met, Visitor. Thank you for stopping by my little cottage in the forest of the internet. As you enter this space, please embrace a positive vibe and energy. I will give you the same. This space is dedicated to helping share what I’ve learned and give space to supporting a magical life, both mine and yours.

Welcome. The Witch Is In.

If you’re in this section you’re trying to find out more about who Runa Troy is. I am a long-time solitary witch. I have been practicing the craft for more than 40 years. I’ve explored just about every aspect of it to some degree, like many witches, and held on to that which brought me to my truest self and best life. Primarily you will find me doing word magic (writing), rune casting, hedge riding, dream interpretation, herbalism, and lots of kitchen witchery. Don’t know what these things are? Explore my site here more to find out, or come again soon, there will likely be more posts about something I just mentioned.

My days are filled with caring & healing the earth, myself, and those I care about. This is manifested physically by caring for the little piece of property I’ve been blessed to have, creating a bit of a covenstead of it, and caring for its inhabitants, which primarily includes my husband, which most know as The Viking, and my two little familiars, Shadow & Light (aka #GrannyShadow & #MsSnickleFritz).

Out of my little covenstead I operate my Magical Flea Market, where I am the chief curator and handcrafter of everyday magical items and services. I also find magical vintage items and offer them in the market as well.

Each week on Friday afternoons (2 p.m. Pacific Time) I do a little Instagram Live called “Solitary Shenanigans” where I feature something special from my market, cast some runes, and talk about all things witchy. I would welcome you to join me for a little Witchy Friday Happy Hour with this ol’ crone. Grab your favorite mug, cup, or stein filled with your favorite, invite a friend, and let’s have a little fun.

I do a podcast with my siSTAR, MareLin, the PNW High Priestess, called Country Dwellers, which was established in 2017. Those launch most weeks on Saturdays, as well. On them we talk about everything from What’s in the Sky, Witches Brew, Heal the Earth, Wheel of The Year, We pull Tarot and Cast Runes, and leave you with a Spell of the Week. This podcast is currently on pause, as Country Dwellers is trying its best to transform into something new and fresh.

If you have questions about anything in my little witchy realm, please feel free to email me at Runa(at)countrydwellers(dot)com. 😉

I’m here to be a resource for those wild women and men who are on the path of the craft, seeking knowledge, healing, and guidance that this ol’ crone can provide. You may have come here as a stranger, but hopefully you will depart a friend.

Thanks for visiting. Blessed Be.

Nice to meet you, I’m Runa Troy.