My Patreon: On The Covenstead With Runa

Hi! Merry Meet! I’m Runa Troy. Thanks for taking the time to find out more about this Crone’s digital Covenstead: my Patreon page. This is the space where I share all I’ve learned as a Witch for the past 40 years, and how to live with the seasons as we move through the Witch’s Wheel of the Year. My goal is to help you deepen your relationship with Mama Earth and your Craft while learning all the Witchy things from me through the site.

Each month the Covenstead Members (patrons) are guided by yours truly to explore the many options of moving with the seasons through the Witch’s Wheel of the Year, focusing on living magically. I provide my patrons with regular Magic of my own as well from Dream Work, Rune Casting, Kitchen Witchery (especially Magical Mixology), Moon Magic, Permie Witch Life, and all the lessons from 40 years of being a Witch. Come join us over on Patreon, and no matter where on the Covenstead you decide to be – At the Garden Gate, or In The Fire Circle, or anywhere in between, daily, weekly, and seasonal Magic flood the space with exclusive content, early access to special content, spells, divination, dream interpretation, and so much more. Runa’s Covenstead on Patreon allows me to focus on writing books about the Craft and healing my little short plot permaculture home, Villa Westwyk, and giving away a lot of the food I produce here. FYI, if you know anyone in Western Washington that needs eggs…  

Want to learn more? Come with me over to Patreon. (Take me to Runa’s Covenstead on Patreon)