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New Moon In Scorpio – Diving Back Into Tasseomancy

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Tea leaf readings, also known as tasseomancy, have been an outer-edge flirtation in my magical practice. It was some divination I could do as a Witch deep in the broom closet and not many even blinked about it. It was one of my first divinations – outside of dream work, before Runes just spoke to me so clearly. But every autumn I seem to want to cozy up with some appropriate tea – today I used Witch’s Harvest from Night Rituals, which is just what the New Moon in Scorpio called for – Rooibos, which is all about strength, courage, and wisdom. Apple, for health; cinnamon for abundance; and marigold for healing. It’s very flavorful, too. So, as you sip, you connect with the liquid, the tea, as well as your intuition and, if it’s in your practice, ancestors (this practice feels very ancestral to me) (insert Spirit, Guides, or Divinity, as well here). 

I can easily recall my grandmother and aunts talking about it – on my father’s more heathen side, of course. My mind’s eye easily plays little tea-reading sessions inside a tiny kitchen table that could not even begin to seat the amount of people who had to live in that house (1,000 square feet and a partially finished basement and weirdly attached garage for 11 people… what our ancestors went through). Messages like this are why I’m playing around again with my nose down staring at tea-mains inside a cup. 

Additionally, a lovely group of my friends (Witches, all, y’all) surprised me on my birthday with this little set (pictured above). They knew I was giddy about giving this set (with book, of course) a home here on the covenstead. The gift came with a tea reading demonstration and general Q&A session with Ruthie Connel. Yes, that Ruthie. Did you know she’s a whip with a pendulum? Yes, the set came with one of those, too. My friends spoil me so much. Thank you, ‘Chamily!’* 

It’s been a lovely magical pull back into a practice I’ve done for a bit, put down, come back to, put down again… you maybe know the drill. Our practice, our crafts go through cycles just like everything in the Universe. And that’s okay. Now I find myself back in love with this witchy tool. I’ve been practicing pretty much daily since receiving this gift – not always with this mug, mind you, as sometimes I find that I need a more sparse canvas for reading tea leaves. But I love the interaction of this particular set, including the astrologic influences as well as common culture symbols. It reminds me of the Runes’ ‘interactions on my casting cloth. Speaking of Runes, they show up often in my tea readings, which gives it this level-up feeling to the divination. 

We awoke today with the new moon in Scorpio, and I had to swirl that energy into yet another tea reading. Let’s just say it didn’t surprise me when the moon symbol showed up. Working with this energy has provided me with a laser light on what and where I need to expend my energy this season. 

Over on my Patreon, I examine more of what this new moon in Scorpio tea reading said to me. 

In the meantime, I invite you to take the time this late autumn, and even throughout winter, to dedicate yourself to a magical practice you’ve been away from, you would love to explore, and get your Witch on! May we dive into the darkest time of year shining lights on things that bring us joy, knowledge, and comfort. All of this or better. So it is. 

*Chamily = chosen family. Yeah, I made it up. All words are made up. (See: my Mercury return a couple of days ago. Hehe. Mercury is in Sagittarius, what do you expect? 😉 

From The Desk of The Writing Witch: Making Magic While I Write

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The Vernal Equinox in The Witch’s Garden. You can get your spring jackalope garden flag too from

If you recall back to the beginning of the calendar year, none of us were having much renewal energy. The Cosmic Weather with Mars and Mercury in Retrograde required us to slow the eff down. And things have been slow. But now they are revving up quickly and filled with full-throttle Aries energy.

Yesterday was the Spring Equinox, so this new moon lands at a season change as well. It’s auspicious. It’s powerful. Can’t waste it. Now I have less than seven months to finish this book and it’s coming along well enough. My Leo Rising wants it to be perfect and showy, but the rest of me just wants it done well and completely compelling. But as my son with the Virgo Moon & Rising has taught me: Done is perfect. But getting it done is the real work, yes? 

As I compose (there’s that word of 2023!) this book for Llewellyn, I’m also discovering new Magic, especially where my study of astrology is concerned (belated happy world astrology day, btw!). As I compose my platform to help this book launch into the world, I’m also discovering new Magic, especially where my Permie Witch duties take me. For that I’m making public two things I think will help teach and inspire those beginning or cruising along on the path of the Craft. One is some of the Magic I’ve discovered and curated (2022’s word) as I dive even deeper into Magical Mixology, the other is all about setting and following-through with intentions, especially where I create a sanctuary for myself and my fellow Witches here at Villa Westwyk.

Allow me to start with the intentions. Recognizing that today is the New Moon in Aries – a moon full of new-beginnings, courage, and self-focus energy, the start of the Witch’s and Astrologer’s New Year, my New Moon Intentions are being recorded here. I’m doing this in part because I think it’s important for Witchlings (Grand one included) to see the process that an ol’ Solitary practitioner creates and follow it along. The Full Moon in Aries is about six months from now (9/29/23 @ 0257 hrs PDT). The book needs to be in the hands of my publisher by then. And although I want this draft to be done before the eclipse later this month, all my revisions need to be done and into the publisher by the end of September. So let’s use that Aries energy to get started.  To set intentions on the new moon, I love working with the book New Moon Astrology by Jan Spiller to help form my intentions. Because as Witches we know that words are important and hold power. We want that power to work for us and not against us. Spiller breaks down the energy and focus so easily for you, that even if you’ve not studied Astrology or spell crafting, you’ll get it quickly. 

My New Moon in Aries 3/21/23 Intentions:

  1. I want to easily find myself writing the right words for this book that are a reflection of my true self.
  2. I want to easily find myself making choices that are in the best interest of finishing this book.
  3. I want all fears around my assertively blazing new beginning with my manuscript easily lifted from me.
  4. I want to easily find myself following my own constructive instincts in creating this manuscript.
  5. I want to be filled with strength and boldness in my approach to writing this book.
  6. I want to remain consistently vigilant in the matter of finishing this manuscript. 
  7. I want any survival instincts that are authorally counterproductive and easily lifted from me. 
  8. I want to easily find myself initiating action in regard to writing and finishing this book.

My plan now with these is to visit the intentions at least weekly (hello working with the moon cycles that my Patrons see consistently) to see how I am doing. I may continue to blog on it as the book’s creation progresses. But for sure, we’ll revisit it come September. I encourage you to set some intentions today as well for the next six months, what can you accomplish with the energy of the Aries new moon. 

Now for the Magic In My Cup discovery to share here. Since I’ve begun my second Saturn return, I’m sharing the craft cocktail I made in honor of this return. Although this one will not be found in my book, it gives you a sample of some of what you will find when this book is made public. You can find the link to the potent potion over on my Patreon at the end of this post. Kind of like the Monster At The End of This Book (a favorite book to read to my babies back in the day), but instead it’s a Witch handing you a Pisces In Saturn Cocktail. 

Celebrate Saturn in Pisces here:

Happy Spring, Witches! Now go be your truest self and live your best life, Magical One!

Magic In My Cup: Knit A Spell Podcast

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A big ol’ thank you to Knit A Spell Podcast and the lovely Katie Rempe and James Divine for giving me a good fit of giggles and talking story and sharing the subject of my upcoming book with Llewellyn. @LightFromALantern and @DivineHandJim are so lovely and I didn’t even realize we had talked that long!

You may listen here: 

Thanks for sharing and listening! Have a Magical Week!