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Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 3-25-2021

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Had to move the weekly focus to Thursdays because the weekends mean I’m off working the land of Villa Westwyk and it just wasn’t happening. So, adjustment made and I think you’ll find that this will increase the savings you find with the new “Item of the Week.” Right now in my Magical Flea Market, every time you purchase something you are going to earn a coupon towards your next purchase, beginning with this item right here:

Vintage Monkeypod Goddess Figurine is our Spotlight Item this week.

This figurine is about 54 years old, brought back from Hawaii circa 1966. It measures 9.5 inches tall and has the original label on it but also one or two wrinkles, as anything that is that old may have. However, she’s recently gone through a cleansing and renewal and you can hardly see where these wrinkles are — for Monkeypod, nut oil is like botox. 🙂 Its age and loving use is reflected in its price. She is made of Acacia wood aka Monkey Pod. She was cleansed and charged under the new moon in Aquarius 2021. Bring a little tropics into your altar, lounge, or den with this piece and earn her everlasting loyalty with your love.

She was priced at $36 plus shipping; now just $30 with free shipping. She wants a new home and comes with so much positive energy. Plus, you will receive that coupon towards your next Magical Flea Market purchase, which includes my Dream Interpretation and Rune Casting offerings.

There’s only one of these in my shop, so if you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!

Have a magical day!


Women’s History & Cottage Craft

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This piece was handmade in Hawaii by Erma O’Brien.

For women’s history month, I’ve been trying hard to get this post done. Instead, I’ve been busy treasure hunting for things in the Magical Flea Market. I scour yard sales and thrift stores and love me a good estate sale. I am always on the hunt for anything my fellow Witches would find useful or lovely for their own homes, altars, and sacred spaces. I especially love to come across things that are handmade and contain decidedly positive and/or elemental energy like the piece shown above. It was handmade, and carefully curated, and clearly holds some water energy. It’s vintage for sure, given the technique and the hardware to hang it. This one is likely from the 60s.

Love to find treasures like this and pass the magic along.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find other information about dear Erma’s work; but I do know she is still living in Maui and has achieved uber Crone status. I wonder if she knows her piece of art is up here in Washington State?

Regardless, I share this because this is a prime example of the things I try to put up in the Magical Flea Market. All items are cleansed and charged magically so that they arrive at your door step ready to imbue joy and good energy for your workings or just your pleasure. When something is handmade, featuring an elemental item (shells in this case) I’m immediately drawn to it, imagining the artist creating it. If I find, like this one, that it’s made by a woman, it ups my interest as well.

The history of women getting together and crafting both useful and just for the love of art items is long and many of our Pagan siSTARs through the years sat sewing, weaving, molding, and in Erma’s case here, designing, something that would grace walls, counters, altars, and the like for years to come. Before the internet or any modern communication technology, these circles of crafting women, were where lessons were learned, information was shared, and feminine bonds were created. It’s also, often, where movements for equality and progress were born. There’s a reason why the Patriarchy is so afraid of any kind of circle, whether it be a Witch’s ritual one, or just a knitting one.

Giacomo Ceruti, Women Working on Pillow Lace (1720s) (via Wikipedia)

This post is also a reminder that each week — most recently each Thursday — I post an “item of the week” from the Magical Flea Market. It sometimes comes with a discount if you purchase a featured item. So check back either here or in the Etsy shop to find that something with that special vibe that you just can’t live without and which some artist lovingly made. Unfortunately, our dear seahorse shown here has already been claimed. But there’s lots more to see over at the Magical Flea Market, so don’t despair, there’s something there for you.

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore where crafting circles exist in your ancestry and your community. There’s a good chance you have your own Erma in your family tree or in your own neck of the woods.

Happy Spring,


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (2/28)

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Unlocking Dreams Tool

Fairy Rock; an uncommon yet powerful tool to unlocking dreams.

According to long-time Witch and Country Dweller knowledge, this rare Fairy Note or Fairy Writing Rock is found along natural river shorelines. This particular one came from the banks of the Colorado River. A Fairy Note Rock is a type of igneous rock included with crystals of what is usually Feldspar in patterns resembling the script of the land’s good neighbors (fairy). These stones are untouched by man. They are naturally river tumbled. They are sometimes called “frogs” because they are found sitting on top of river rocks. Fairy Note rocks are said to offer help to access information whether it be from dreams, ancient sacred texts, Akashic records, or other divination, by providing clarity in translation. It is a stone to support dream work, helping us into the dream state and to direct our dreams. Use on your altar, your tarot table, bedside, or keep on your person for clarity of intuition and universal messaging. This particular one fits in your hand as if it was a natural writing stone; makes for nice comfort as you meditate with it.

This rock was traded for other gifts to the fae under the New Moon in Capricorn, as well as when first obtained under the Full Worm Moon of March 2020. They leave their mystical messages and energies embedded in these unusual rocks. Working with the energy of this stone is very powerful even for the most experienced practitioner. Be sure to ground and center before use.

There’s only one of these in my shop, so if you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!