Anniversary Vacay

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Happy Anniversary to Us.

Dear Friends,

A quick note to mark the fact that My Viking and I have been married for 15 years today. I’m so grateful for this relationship. He’s an incredible partner and all-around admirable human being. I’m truly blessed and feel so fortunate we have one another. However, that’s not the full purpose of this post.

My communique today is about the fact that I’ll be taking off for a week beginning today. You know that I preach all the time about taking real rest. Pressing that pause button is a necessary thing to keep the scales of balance in our lives. Originally, I thought I’d work through Spring Break; but, a small family emergency has thrown a monkey wrench into our lives — everyone is okay, but it required attentions to be elsewhere and gave us a message from the Universe that we needed to take a break from the things we could so we could take care of family and then allow some space to reset and get back at it.

I’ll be back at it next Tuesday (April 20), so you can expect a fresh blog and all the other things I do each week: Pick A Rune, Item of the Week, Solitary Shenanigans, and all the things this Crone shares each week with all you magical people. Additionally, I’m hoping this pause allows some time to strengthen the timeline of announcement for the “secret project,” because I can hardly wait to share that with you.

In the meantime, I hope your new moon intentions are building towards manifestation and that you find great love in your life. Be your true self and live your best life. I’ll see you in a week.

Blessed Be,


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