Pick-A-Rune 6-23-2021

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Pick-A-Rune! Smoky Quartz, Chrysoprase, or Kyanite.

Thank you all for sticking with me through a week that’s been a bit rough on so many of us. I am trying hard to keep up and do what I can to make this world better. And right not that includes taking deeper care of myself than what I’ve been doing for too many years. And I’m doing that, which means things here have been falling behind. I know full well as a Crone that you need to take care of your own oxygen mask before you put it on others. But, at the same time, you need to figure out if you can land safely. I love having this work. I am really enjoying doing these Special Summer Solstice Readings, and the Dream Interpretations you all are keeping me busy with each and every day. I am so blessed. I am so embracing this path, which is centered on a growing/healing purpose and expanding community. But I’m so grateful that I can work at a pace that is sustainable, and still take care of myself. Hopefully you can see the picture I’m perhaps poorly painting for you (hey, I’m folks-artsy af some days). Regardless, please know I’m doing that shadow work. This level of shadow work seems to be some very traumatic, mind-changing, deep, deep shadow work. Whee. Thanks Universe. This means I have a dragon load of appointments to take care of myself and my immediate environment, which feed into each other. So sporadic output from this Crone Witch. However, until I can come back to blogging and Instagram Lives, or putting in new items in the Etsy shop, I am happy to offer this Pick-A-Rune. So which do you choose?

Look at the photo, which position, or which stone calls out to you? Feel free to use all three, I feel like some of you need ALL of this advice, and yes, I know this very well may be for me, too.
Smoky Quartz is Naudhiz (Need); Chrysoprase is Fehu (Wealth); Kyanite is Dagaz (Dawn).
Smoky Quartz can help you with those hip ailments; Chrysoprase is a friend to help with self esteem; and Kyanite for Crown Chakra Work.

Smoky Quartz & Naudhiz:

Naudhiz is in Heimdall’s Aett, the Warrior’s Aett, the Aett that deals with Victory, Power, and Success.

Oh, baby, the needs you need. Are you feeling it? Are you longing? Are you just wanting deliverance from this distress? But you have the power to get exactly what you want, but you just may need to decide how you’re going to do it first, because, hey, you lucky Bwitch, you got options! Lots of options. That’s what happens when you are powerful and people look to you as a leader. Boss Baby. Which one do you want? The easy one that might piss someone else off? The balanced that’s super hard? Or maybe the hard one that makes it easy in the long run? This Rune. This Rune is putting out so much “take care of your shit” energy that I feel like I need to call for suppressive fire. Regardless of your choice, you will survive. Realize that you may have to pause before moving forward – whatever your choice – and discern want vs. need. Is it really a need? Oh, and look for that aftershock for what you think you need? If you get it, will it hurt someone around you? Recheck and then check again. Okay, now you can move forward.

Chrysoprase & Fehu:

Fehu is in Freyja’s Aett, the Growth Aett. It is all about love, happiness, and pleasure. All the Good Things Aett.

There is a new beginning for you approaching. Get ready to receive. Yep, you have to be ready to be swimming in everything you want and need. Abundance that just fuels your gratitude and your give-back. Oh, but things are shit right now, you say? You are a strong one. The Runes know it. The Energies know it. Source and Spirit know it. Freyja knows it. But do you know it? You have all the capability, resources, and support you need to move forward. If they aren’t there, how can you open the trap door to have it flood down upon you? I see some of you need to physically change your life: move houses, your body, your job. And since Fehu meant the wealth that cattle brought to the historical people, our ancestors, that birthed this language and message-giving alphabet, the Elder Futhark, the horns of these bovine beasts appear before me. This is a stern All-Father warning to make sure that you are protected when you receive this windfall. Don’t brag. Be humble. Be kind. Oh, and don’t fall back into negative patterns from which you’ve already broken free. Keep. Moving. Forward. There is delicious living in your future. Don’t. Fall. Down. You got this, Bwitch.

Kyanite & Dagaz:

Dagaz is in Tyr’s Aett, The Justice Aett; It is all about fairness, balance, and doing the right thing.

Are you feeling like you just woke up to your life and you’re completely baffled? Yeah, it happens. You’re taking all these baby steps to live your truest self and best life, and BAM! things are so much different and you’re blinking at it like a robot on the fritz. Did you forget to be careful what you asked for? Or did you just not believe you could manifest this goodness? Stop with that baneful magic of self-doubt and embrace your power. Look at each day as the gift it is and tackle every blessing and lesson. Because the Bwitch you were yesterday is not the one you will be tomorrow. And that tomorrow being? They are badass. You know that next level is a breakthrough one for you? You’re not confident you can do it? Too bad, you can. You will. There is an utter certainty to this growth. You just need to decide if you’re going to uncover this better self. Whether your path forward is easy, medium, or hard, is really up to you. Work is involved, regardless. Dagaz wants you to work smarter not harder. And that means you may have to call in the coven and have a little work party. You know you got those Bwitches backs as well if they need your support.

Thank you!

I hope these readings resonated with you. These are intended to find you when you need them, not just on the day they are revealed. Again, if they all spoke to you, they all spoke to you. But I bet one of them touched a cord stronger than the others.

Healing is hard. Being human is hard. Working is hard. But you have the power to flourish. Open your soul to more and it will arrive. Fear is just another barrier to our truest selves and best life. Hop that hurdle and fly, Bwitch.

I wish you freedom and peace,

Blessed Be,

Runa Troy

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