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Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 5-6-2021

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At this price and this quality, this item won’t last long. The Magical Flea Market Item of the Week is: Hand beaded necklace, bracelet & earrings featuring Tigers Eye w/ size extender. Designed by My Viking and hand beaded, tiger’s eye beads with onyx and obsidian. A full set. Ever wanted to feel like your jewelry is as put together as you are? Want to let your inner Tiger out? This set is made to show the more wild side while still being put together. Better than any power tie or suit. Blessed under the Scorpio Full Moon and ready to help you rock it!

You may find it here: The Magical Flea Market. Wear it in power!

Have a great week!


Personal Harvest Day Reflection


This week, in the astrology of my life, I reach the end of my 9th house and arrive to my Harvest Day and then my 10th house. I am transitioning from the House of Fruition to the House of Harvest, as laid out in The Book of Houses by Robert Cole and Paul Williams. In this great guide to the harvest cycle as it applies to your personal astrology, they recommend that you pause on your Harvest Day and reflect. To look back on what the seeds you chose in the 11th house and how you manifested. Reflection is often the seed of epiphany, so it’s a good practice, and one that Witches weave into their lives constantly. The Wheel of the Year — Lunar & Solar Cycles — bring us such opportunities in monthly and quarterly and biannual cycles. But to focus solely on your astrological harvest cycle is a new thing for me, but very fertile all the same. Allow me to share in summary that reflection and its harvest.*

At the end of May 2020 we had just moved into Villa Westwyk. Our nomadic life of travel had come to a screeching halt with the persistence of a global pandemic, and we needed a place to hunker down and be safe until we figured out our next move. We came to realize fairly quickly that a nomadic life no longer appealed to us given the state of the world and it was going to be a very long road to get back to a place where a life of constant travel was copasetic. That realization coincided with my 11th house, and we knew that making a home that we didn’t need a vacation from and which was self-sustaining was our path forward. But with the addition of a mortgage payment again on top of our other responsibilities, we were going to have to get creative in how we lived. I recall doing a pretty powerful spell right around Beltane 2020 to help me find my path forward.

It was then that I imagined an online marketplace to present the magical gifts I have to offer others and the magical tools and specialty items I find so endearing. My Magical Flea Market was born. It took a bit of time to get it moving forward, living among boxes and not having anyplace to sit to eat meals and the like was quite the distraction. That seed choosing also found me desiring a Crone Crowning Ritual, which many of you were privy to via Instagram. And that status has allowed me to embrace a role as wise woman and mentor to a choice few and its been such a circle of blessing. We also made put our sailboat up for sale and are taking some time to explore our new community, including the wilderness surrounding Komo Kulshan (the big mountain we can see from our property).

It was no accident that the home we landed in has plenty of space to host friends and family, as well would allow us to return to the micro-farming and permaculture efforts that we undertook in our last sticks-and-bricks home. I quickly carved out a small space and planted greens and herbs — because it’s something we eat daily and you can continually harvest. We were blessed with bumper crops of all the berries and fruit trees that already called Villa Westwyk home and we slowly made this place spark with spirit that is inside me and my partner, lovingly dubbed The Viking. We cleared away trash, overgrown brush and weeds, and lots of negative energy that was allowed to fester whilst the former residents’ energies were elsewhere.

A year later now and the house is mostly furnished, save a few odds-and-ends, and we’re in planting mode, enlarging the kitchen garden and establishing a perennial bed and market garden. We’ve brought home a small flock of chickens and a trio of goslings. Ducks should be here in a month or so. The Magical Flea Market is building slowly and my craft has helped a many people clarify and illuminate paths, understand ancestral and divine messages, and untangle the confusion of dreams. I am comfortable in my Crone skin and status. My home is filling again with jars of dried herbs and tinctures; the larder is full of cherries, black currants, apples, peaches, pears, and all the things to make One Spooky Witch and her Handsome Devil healthy again. My studio allows me to be creative, spiritual, and meditate regularly, as well as host Solitary Shenanigans on Wednesday mornings. The dogs love being able to explore without leashes and are learning the command “take cover” since we have a healthy population of Bald Eagles in the neighborhood, not to mention coyote and fox. We are gifted with mountain views and some spectacular sunrises and sunsets.

That is quite the harvest, yes? And contemplating those blessings and the appreciation of all the hard work that went into reaping this harvest will help me decide what seeds we will choose in a a few weeks when I reach my 11th house again. I’ll be spending a good chunk of the month of May trying to figure out what seeds for my personal harvest cycle I need to choose. But for right now I’m fairly content with what I have and am feeling blessed to have found my way here to Villa Westwyk and a life that allows me such time to heal a small plot of land, as well as myself.

Where are you in the harvest cycle of your natal chart? Did you celebrate your Harvest Day? If so, how and what did you learn? If you’re celebrating your harvest day soon, take advice from Granny Shadow below and take some time to rest and reflect.

*A big shout-out to The Astrologic Lab for inviting me to learn more about myself via Astrology. If you want to learn Astrology, you need to join the Lab!

I would like to acknowledge that Villa Westwyk resides on the ancestral homelands of the Coast Salish Peoples, who have lived in the Salish Sea basin, throughout the San Juan Islands and the North Cascades watershed, from time immemorial. I hold the deepest respect and gratitude for our Indigenous neighbors, the Lummi Nation and Nooksack Tribe, for their enduring care and protection of our shared lands and waterways.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 4-22-2021

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It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle, but there’s a message in that dream for you. And it’s my spotlight item this week for the Magical Flea Market.

Dreams are an incredible resource that provide messages and guidance from the universe for our best and highest good. Dreams can be a powerful tool of insight into our daily life’s challenges and where the solutions lie. Not sure what choice to make? What path to take? Your dreams are probably giving you all the information you need to move forward.

I have been doing dream work and interpretation all my adult life. When I interpret people’s dreams I pull from not only my intuition, but my long study of dream work, especially Jungian Psychology. If I am unclear on something I may ask for directions from my spirit guides, pull a Rune, Tarot Card, and/or check the current astrologic environment.

When I do a dream interpretation, I provide you with a written report on all the symbolism, and other messages held within what may seem something very nonsensical. Trust me, there are Divine Downloads in that cryptic imagery from the Dream Maker.

You may book a dream interpretation via my Etsy Shop – The Magical Flea Market – or message me at Runa@CountryDwellers.com if you’d prefer not to book through Etsy.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight: 4-8-2021

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DeLuxe Your Drawers & More

Outward bag may vary on order. If you’d like a specific shade of bag to coordinate your cottage or boudoir, these can be made to order and spelled during a different moon phase or a different purpose (you choose). Just message me and we can coordinate your personalized sachet.

I spent a magical 45 days in Paris one year (circa Summer of 1994), and one of the things it taught me is that the French are big on little luxuries. They like to live very simply, but surround themselves with their favorite goodies. One day whilst taking in the gorgeousness that is the Latin Quarter (so MANY good looking humans there) I shared a cafe table with an older lady. Reflecting back she was probably the age I am now. She was dressed so beautiful and smelled like flowers. I commented on her perfume and she shook her head and said that perfume was reserved for more special times, it was just the scent of where she kept her clothing. I clearly looked like a dumb American, because she went into deep detail about her sachets and how every French woman who has a healthy “amour propre” lines their armoire with delicate sachets, lavender chief among them.

Fast forward 20 years and I found myself with a healthy harvest of Lavender. I instantly remembered that elegant woman and set about filling sachets. So many of my friends and neighbors received them and then they became a go-to item on my former Farm Stand and CSA boxes. That was 7 years ago. Each year, whether I have my own harvest or pick at another lucky grower’s space, I harvest organic lavender with magical tools and make these sachets. Then I spell them with positive energy and love under a full moon — a blue moon if I can manage it, before sending them out into the world.

Every lingerie drawer should have a lavender sachet.

They hold their scent for so long, this flower is so great. As a herbalist, I learned around that same time as that first bumper crop of lavender that its scent has long been used by humans to help keep things fresh and keep unwanted critters out of our clothing chests. Additionally, Lavender sachets are good for keeping under your pillow for better sleep. If you’re into aromatherapy, the sachets are great to keep in your pocket or purse for a quick whiff pick-me-up. Lavender sachets are also good for tucking under your pillow for better sleep.

This week I’m offering a special on my hand-harvested and curated lavender sachets, Buy One, Get One. Buy 3, Get 6! Spring is a great time to refresh any sachets you may have in your closets and especially that lingerie drawer. Plus you don’t have to be French. 😉 There is no coupon or discount code to enter. Just by reading this you qualify. Only those who have read this far into the blog are aware of this special offer. Purchase through Etsy as normal and on my end, and I do the Buy One – Get One credit to your order. Be advised I only have about 50 of these gorgeous pockets of pleasure, so order sooner rather than later. You deserve a little luxury, the French said so. 😉 Looking forward to smelling these dolls over the next week!

Get your order in today by clicking this link: Get me some of that BoGo Lavender Shizzle, Runa!

There’s no skimping on these sachets, they are chocked full of organic lavender goodness.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to message me here, on Instagram, or via runa(at)countrydwellers(dot)com

Have a scent-ual Spring!


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 3-25-2021

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Had to move the weekly focus to Thursdays because the weekends mean I’m off working the land of Villa Westwyk and it just wasn’t happening. So, adjustment made and I think you’ll find that this will increase the savings you find with the new “Item of the Week.” Right now in my Magical Flea Market, every time you purchase something you are going to earn a coupon towards your next purchase, beginning with this item right here:

Vintage Monkeypod Goddess Figurine is our Spotlight Item this week.

This figurine is about 54 years old, brought back from Hawaii circa 1966. It measures 9.5 inches tall and has the original label on it but also one or two wrinkles, as anything that is that old may have. However, she’s recently gone through a cleansing and renewal and you can hardly see where these wrinkles are — for Monkeypod, nut oil is like botox. 🙂 Its age and loving use is reflected in its price. She is made of Acacia wood aka Monkey Pod. She was cleansed and charged under the new moon in Aquarius 2021. Bring a little tropics into your altar, lounge, or den with this piece and earn her everlasting loyalty with your love.

She was priced at $36 plus shipping; now just $30 with free shipping. She wants a new home and comes with so much positive energy. Plus, you will receive that coupon towards your next Magical Flea Market purchase, which includes my Dream Interpretation and Rune Casting offerings.

There’s only one of these in my shop, so if you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!

Have a magical day!


Women’s History & Cottage Craft

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This piece was handmade in Hawaii by Erma O’Brien.

For women’s history month, I’ve been trying hard to get this post done. Instead, I’ve been busy treasure hunting for things in the Magical Flea Market. I scour yard sales and thrift stores and love me a good estate sale. I am always on the hunt for anything my fellow Witches would find useful or lovely for their own homes, altars, and sacred spaces. I especially love to come across things that are handmade and contain decidedly positive and/or elemental energy like the piece shown above. It was handmade, and carefully curated, and clearly holds some water energy. It’s vintage for sure, given the technique and the hardware to hang it. This one is likely from the 60s.

Love to find treasures like this and pass the magic along.

Unfortunately, I couldn’t find other information about dear Erma’s work; but I do know she is still living in Maui and has achieved uber Crone status. I wonder if she knows her piece of art is up here in Washington State?

Regardless, I share this because this is a prime example of the things I try to put up in the Magical Flea Market. All items are cleansed and charged magically so that they arrive at your door step ready to imbue joy and good energy for your workings or just your pleasure. When something is handmade, featuring an elemental item (shells in this case) I’m immediately drawn to it, imagining the artist creating it. If I find, like this one, that it’s made by a woman, it ups my interest as well.

The history of women getting together and crafting both useful and just for the love of art items is long and many of our Pagan siSTARs through the years sat sewing, weaving, molding, and in Erma’s case here, designing, something that would grace walls, counters, altars, and the like for years to come. Before the internet or any modern communication technology, these circles of crafting women, were where lessons were learned, information was shared, and feminine bonds were created. It’s also, often, where movements for equality and progress were born. There’s a reason why the Patriarchy is so afraid of any kind of circle, whether it be a Witch’s ritual one, or just a knitting one.

Giacomo Ceruti, Women Working on Pillow Lace (1720s) (via Wikipedia)

This post is also a reminder that each week — most recently each Thursday — I post an “item of the week” from the Magical Flea Market. It sometimes comes with a discount if you purchase a featured item. So check back either here or in the Etsy shop to find that something with that special vibe that you just can’t live without and which some artist lovingly made. Unfortunately, our dear seahorse shown here has already been claimed. But there’s lots more to see over at the Magical Flea Market, so don’t despair, there’s something there for you.

In the meantime, I encourage you to explore where crafting circles exist in your ancestry and your community. There’s a good chance you have your own Erma in your family tree or in your own neck of the woods.

Happy Spring,



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Weekly Pick-A-Rune Reveal (3/10/21)

Look at the photo. Which one calls to you? Is it 1) Tiger’s Eye; 2) Green Flourite; or 3) Sodalite? See the full Casting below.

Dear friends, readers, and fellow Witches:

As is often with how I operate, Spirit sent me lots of messages yesterday about how I’m conducting my readings and its benefit to others, as well as myself. In response to that Divine Download, from today onward you will find the Pick-A-Rune Reveal post here on Wednesdays. I will continue to post the Pick-A-Rune prompt on Instagram; but the Reveal will be here. It’s an extra step; but, it means the messages to those it should reach will be stronger.

Additionally, there will changes coming (think Aries season) to The Magical Flea Market and my website here, which will reflect the things I have learned since becoming a Mystical Business Owner, aka a Boss Witch. When I first started in this practice, I underestimated the amount of effort required to provide a quality experience. Clearly I’m still learning the lesson on Psychic Energy Use I blogged about not too long ago.

Because it is important to me to take the time and invest the energy to deliver a high-quality experience for my clients, especially for my dream interpretations and Rune castings, how I offer my services and goods will begin to change. Some things will only be found here at RunaTroy.com, whereas my magically curated items (Witch Bottles, Dream Recall Bags, e.g.) will remain offered over on Etsy via The Magical Flea Market. At some point, I hope to have everything in one place (TBD). But for now, this is my way of letting those who regularly use my services to know that I have received the messages from not only my clients, my fellow Witches, but also Source, that I have been devaluing my knowledge, skills, and abilities and that is not good for anyone. As a Crone, I should know better; but, there’s one thing true about practicing Witchcraft — you are always learning.

In the meantime, I hope that my movement to knowing my value and worth will rub off on all of you. I think that is a message we all need especially in these times of late-stage capitalism and late-stage pandemic.

Now to the weekly Pick-a-Rune Casting:

1. is Fehu Merkstave (reversed); 2. is Naudhiz; 3. is Raidho. For full reading on your pick see below.
  1. Here we find Fehu Merkstave (reversed) under the Tiger’s Eye stone. Freyja has a message for you that you are doing too much and are headed for burnout. Such a crisis will sow discord and impact your finances. So take some time TODAY and re-prioritize and re-value what is truly important. Remember without personal happiness there is no true wealth.
  2. Here we find Naudhiz under the Green Flourite. If you are taking unnecessary risks, this is not a good time for that. Yeah, yeah, you have to risk it to get the biscuit, but the biscuit for you right now means a big ol’ stone of distress, because those risks are harming those around you. Take a pause and check yourself before your wreck yourself. You’re missing a key something to make things right.
  3. Here we find Raidho under the Sodalite. Hitch up your wagon and know you are moving forward. Just don’t forget to focus in on the logistics to arrive safely to your goal. Don’t rely on others to achieve your objective right now. You must rely on your own chutzpah. The journey will lead you to bigger and better things; just don’t forget to trust yourself along the way.

Thanks again for visiting. I hope this weekly reading on the ramp up to the New Moon in Pisces resonates with you. If you are interested in a deeper Rune Casting reading, please consider booking one with me. Again, please note that the current prices will be changing in a couple of weeks, so booking now under the lower price might just be what the gods ordered for you. I have openings still for the New Moon time. If you have questions about how that looks, feel free to email me at Runa(at)CountryDwellers(dot)com

As I will it; So mote it be.

Blessed Be.


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (3/7)

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Vintage Door Knobs For Old World Magic

Every day items can be used to enhance the magic and accessibility to our higher selves. This is what some term “Old World Magic,” meaning people wanted the things they used every day to be full of positive energy.

Open doors in this world and in your magical world.

This vintage door handle set can be used to create some great design feel in your covenstead. The bonus for this set is that it has been cleansed and charged under the Super Blue Moon by an elder witch to help gain access to your best and highest good. This particular set has a shabby-chic patina, but is fully functional.

For those Country Dwellers out there looking to use this set for spell crafting, they are ready for your work. Often door knobs are used to provide access to our dreams, new pathways in our lives, manifesting new opportunities, or even deciding which route to go when you have too many choices.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (2/28)

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Unlocking Dreams Tool

Fairy Rock; an uncommon yet powerful tool to unlocking dreams.

According to long-time Witch and Country Dweller knowledge, this rare Fairy Note or Fairy Writing Rock is found along natural river shorelines. This particular one came from the banks of the Colorado River. A Fairy Note Rock is a type of igneous rock included with crystals of what is usually Feldspar in patterns resembling the script of the land’s good neighbors (fairy). These stones are untouched by man. They are naturally river tumbled. They are sometimes called “frogs” because they are found sitting on top of river rocks. Fairy Note rocks are said to offer help to access information whether it be from dreams, ancient sacred texts, Akashic records, or other divination, by providing clarity in translation. It is a stone to support dream work, helping us into the dream state and to direct our dreams. Use on your altar, your tarot table, bedside, or keep on your person for clarity of intuition and universal messaging. This particular one fits in your hand as if it was a natural writing stone; makes for nice comfort as you meditate with it.

This rock was traded for other gifts to the fae under the New Moon in Capricorn, as well as when first obtained under the Full Worm Moon of March 2020. They leave their mystical messages and energies embedded in these unusual rocks. Working with the energy of this stone is very powerful even for the most experienced practitioner. Be sure to ground and center before use.

There’s only one of these in my shop, so if you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (2-8)

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Featured item of the week – 2/7/2021

Galentine’s / Valentine’s / Mentine’s — whatever you call it is coming up this weekend and there’s still time to give yourself, a beloved, or bestie a little token of magic and love. This is our featured item this week in the Magical Flea Market. Vintage. Cleansed. Charged. and ready to grace the neckline of its new owner.

You can find the item at this link. Happy Valentine’s Day!