Giving Birth in a Pandemic

I didn’t expect to launch this site when I did. I mean it’s been gestating for a bit of time now. I’ve been a public witch since 2017, but resisted creating a website for so long, since my energies were really elsewhere. Then the Coronavirus pandemic hit and everything, including craft work, has gone virtual.

No longer could people come to me directly for tinctures, spell work, divination readings/castings, hedge riding, and the like. I had to have somewhere they could reach out to me. Social media is great, but it can be noisy and impersonal. I’d been holding on to the url for some time, but it just was just parked. Well, today’s the day I pulled baby out of the bunker and she’s driving down the highway now.

So here I am. I’m already working on my other first post, so stay tuned, and thanks for stopping by. I expect, this site will begin to mature as we go, and that’s fine. Being a witch is a magical journey of learning that never ends. Having a website mimics that very much.

In the meantime, please feel free to see my shop, the Magical Flea Market, or ping me on Instagram. I am also on Facebook. Let’s connect. I may be solitary, but we all need connection. I’m here for you.

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