Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (2/21)

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Divine Inspiration Just When You Need It

As a witch in my crone phase, I am fairly routine in my days. Each morning I go into my studio and I visit my altar. I light a candle, ring a bell or burn some incense, attend to any spell work I have going on, and pull a Rune or Oracle card, or other divination. That sets me up to continue with my morning routine, which normally then includes morning pages journaling and yoga — Sun Salutations if I’m pressed for time.

My evening routine is fairly set, too. After taking care of all the physical needs before bed, I often meditate, and pull a good pick-me-up from my inspiration jar (aka Divine Affirmation Jar). They have little messages from source — divined during a special Beltane Ritual — to realign me on my path and pick me up when the day has been particularly hard. It’s amazing when you pause, focus, and say, “What do I need to know?” How simple slips of paper nudged by Source can bring you right back in a good head space.

Recently I learned that this is kind of an old-fashioned bit of magic that is making a resurgence. That serendipitous knowledge led me to makes these Divine Affirmation Jars to spread that positivity around. As we shake off Mercury Retrograde, these little pretties seemed to be perfect to redirect us towards our goals and keep us smiling and reassured.

Get one for yourself and your bestie, so you’re both glowing in inspiration and aspiration!

Check out the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!

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