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Magic In My Cup: Knit A Spell Podcast

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A big ol’ thank you to Knit A Spell Podcast and the lovely Katie Rempe and James Divine for giving me a good fit of giggles and talking story and sharing the subject of my upcoming book with Llewellyn. @LightFromALantern and @DivineHandJim are so lovely and I didn’t even realize we had talked that long!

You may listen here: 

Thanks for sharing and listening! Have a Magical Week!

Rune for the year…

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For you and me!

In conjunction with my Word of the Year 2022, I have a Rune that forecasts the year ahead. This is a Rune that I will meditate on, write about, wear, work Magic with, and etc. through the whole year. 

Kenaz was my Rune for 2021

Last year, although I didn’t post about it, my Rune for the year was Kenaz. Kenaz is the K in the Elder Futhark and resides in Freyja’s aett. It deals with love, happiness, enjoyment, fertility, and beauty. I chose Kenaz because I wanted to shine a light on what is most important in my life, what fuels my passions, and what I needed to spotlight my energy on more fully. Having spent the prior year(s) doing so much shadow work, I was ready for the light. Kenaz gave me the regeneration that I needed to focus my creativity and harness my powers into new strength and passions. 

Slow and steady wins the race in my head.

This year, I pulled Ehwaz. Ehwaz is the E in the Elder Futhark, and has the energy of the Horse. Considering how much work I see ahead for this year, I think the Universe knew this was exactly the Rune needed for me. Just like last year. Like always.

Ehwaz is in Tyr’s aett and has to do with our intellect, our understanding, our spiritual growth. In Norse Paganism, Tyr is a god as strong as Thor, but he’s got a few more smarts. He’s also a bit more noble. He sacrificed so that the rest of Asgard and those he cared about could survive. Recounted in the Gylfaginning, the first part of the Prose Edda, the story of Tyr losing his arm to Fenrir, the giant wolf shows his bravery, and his strong sense of justice. All the other gods ran from Fenrir. Not Tyr. I’m not going to run from the opportunities before me because they are scary. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my hand. Ha! 

In all seriousness, Ehwaz represents the harmony I’ve been focused on since Samhain. Balance is great; but it’s too rigid. And life under COVID-19 requires more than balance. It requires harmony. It’s also a reminder to me about steady progress, gradual development. The things I want to create, manifest aren’t going to balloon overnight. It’s going to take trusting in my small steps daily to walk the miles I have to go. 

This special Rune pull is in addition to my year-ahead forecast I do for myself and my clients. The whole year ahead outlook is more detailed and includes a full casting cloth and cast with the horn. But Ehwaz rules over all of that. The rest of my cast is to determine guidance to implement the movement forward that I want. 

Right now in my RT Magical Services & Goods shop you can get your own Rune For The Year reading or a Full Year-Ahead Casting. Right now if you get the Full Year Ahead Casting, I’m including the Rune For The Year in addition to that. 

The Rune For The Year offering is a limited time*, as is the addition of the Rune For the Year within the Full Year-Ahead Casting. When Aquarius Season Starts, this offer will be passed. So book today. Find out what your ancestors, gods, and the natural divine have in store for you for 2022 so you can be your truest self and live your best life. 

Get yours today.

*Rune for the Year offering ends Jan. 21, 2022.

Special Solstice Reading Available

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Only available for the month of June until booked up! Schedule today!

Inspiration hit while soaking in the sun. Time to offer a special Intuitive Reading.

For the month of June — although just 13 slots available — I have a special Solstice Reading. Around the sun we go to reflect on where we are, what brought us here, what’s our best path forward, who might help or get in the way, what will help us be our truest selves and live our best life. We are in the middle of the calendar year with a Solar Eclipse this month. Lots of strong energy for me to divine and download messages for you. You will receive a typed up reading with photos of your spread of the Runes and Oracle Cards.

You can book through my Etsy shop (The Magical Flea Market). If you’re not on Etsy, you may always email me and book through a Paypal transaction. Whatever you preference, I urge you to book today.

The Summer Solstice is a time of reflection. What has the year brought you? Where have you been? Where are you going? This special Rune & Oracle Card Reading with Octagonal Perspective will help guide you into your truest self and best life. I look at your personal timeline (what’s happening now, what brought you here, possible paths forward), the people around you, the community around you, and your best path forward. This listing will expire at the end of June. Given that we have a Solar Eclipse on June 10 as well as the Solstice this month, the energy is high for looking deeper and receiving a reading.

You will receive a written and photographic record of my reading showing all the runes around the sun and their corresponding oracle cards. Most reading will be returned within 24 HOURS of scheduling (availability limited). When the schedule is sold out, this listing will be removed from The Magical Flea Market listings. So don’t delay. The Runes and Cards are waiting for you, as am I.

I am so excited to offer this special reading and work with you this month!

A rune casting should not be used as a substitute for medical, psychological, psychiatric, professional, legal, or financial advice or care. I am not qualified to provide legal, financial, or any medical advice and this advice should be sought from a suitable professional. Rune Castings and Oracle Card Readings are for entertainment purposes only. The user is responsible for his/her own life choices and decisions. When you purchase my readings you are confirming your age is 18 years or older.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight: 5-13-2021


This week’s spotlight is all about that Viking Beard Balm. I’ve been making a version of this for more than 7 years for my beloved Viking and all the compliments and people who are just enthralled with his sexah beard get told all about this. Now you can also have or give your favorite bearded warrior some of this small-batch vegan goodness. Be advised a little goes a long way and can last up to six months, sometimes longer depending on the length of beard.

From an heirloom recipe handed down from our Nordic Ancestors, this small-batch beard balm is made with all natural, vegan ingredients and includes instructions for use. A little goes a long way so this 4 oz. size has you and your facial hair and skin taken care of for some time to come.

Heimdall’s blend has subtle notes of orange and Peppermint, while providing all the goodness a healthy beard needs. The balm is always included in a positive charging ritual and gives thanks to the heavens for all the goodness it contains. Odin’s blend has subtle notes of cedar and clove, while providing all the goodness a healthy beard needs. The balm is always included in a positive charging ritual and gives thanks to the heavens for all the goodness it contains.

Just two left in the Magical Flea Market, so jump on this deal today.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 5-6-2021

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At this price and this quality, this item won’t last long. The Magical Flea Market Item of the Week is: Hand beaded necklace, bracelet & earrings featuring Tigers Eye w/ size extender. Designed by My Viking and hand beaded, tiger’s eye beads with onyx and obsidian. A full set. Ever wanted to feel like your jewelry is as put together as you are? Want to let your inner Tiger out? This set is made to show the more wild side while still being put together. Better than any power tie or suit. Blessed under the Scorpio Full Moon and ready to help you rock it!

You may find it here: The Magical Flea Market. Wear it in power!

Have a great week!


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 4-22-2021

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It may seem like a riddle or a puzzle, but there’s a message in that dream for you. And it’s my spotlight item this week for the Magical Flea Market.

Dreams are an incredible resource that provide messages and guidance from the universe for our best and highest good. Dreams can be a powerful tool of insight into our daily life’s challenges and where the solutions lie. Not sure what choice to make? What path to take? Your dreams are probably giving you all the information you need to move forward.

I have been doing dream work and interpretation all my adult life. When I interpret people’s dreams I pull from not only my intuition, but my long study of dream work, especially Jungian Psychology. If I am unclear on something I may ask for directions from my spirit guides, pull a Rune, Tarot Card, and/or check the current astrologic environment.

When I do a dream interpretation, I provide you with a written report on all the symbolism, and other messages held within what may seem something very nonsensical. Trust me, there are Divine Downloads in that cryptic imagery from the Dream Maker.

You may book a dream interpretation via my Etsy Shop – The Magical Flea Market – or message me at if you’d prefer not to book through Etsy.

Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight: 4-8-2021

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DeLuxe Your Drawers & More

Outward bag may vary on order. If you’d like a specific shade of bag to coordinate your cottage or boudoir, these can be made to order and spelled during a different moon phase or a different purpose (you choose). Just message me and we can coordinate your personalized sachet.

I spent a magical 45 days in Paris one year (circa Summer of 1994), and one of the things it taught me is that the French are big on little luxuries. They like to live very simply, but surround themselves with their favorite goodies. One day whilst taking in the gorgeousness that is the Latin Quarter (so MANY good looking humans there) I shared a cafe table with an older lady. Reflecting back she was probably the age I am now. She was dressed so beautiful and smelled like flowers. I commented on her perfume and she shook her head and said that perfume was reserved for more special times, it was just the scent of where she kept her clothing. I clearly looked like a dumb American, because she went into deep detail about her sachets and how every French woman who has a healthy “amour propre” lines their armoire with delicate sachets, lavender chief among them.

Fast forward 20 years and I found myself with a healthy harvest of Lavender. I instantly remembered that elegant woman and set about filling sachets. So many of my friends and neighbors received them and then they became a go-to item on my former Farm Stand and CSA boxes. That was 7 years ago. Each year, whether I have my own harvest or pick at another lucky grower’s space, I harvest organic lavender with magical tools and make these sachets. Then I spell them with positive energy and love under a full moon — a blue moon if I can manage it, before sending them out into the world.

Every lingerie drawer should have a lavender sachet.

They hold their scent for so long, this flower is so great. As a herbalist, I learned around that same time as that first bumper crop of lavender that its scent has long been used by humans to help keep things fresh and keep unwanted critters out of our clothing chests. Additionally, Lavender sachets are good for keeping under your pillow for better sleep. If you’re into aromatherapy, the sachets are great to keep in your pocket or purse for a quick whiff pick-me-up. Lavender sachets are also good for tucking under your pillow for better sleep.

This week I’m offering a special on my hand-harvested and curated lavender sachets, Buy One, Get One. Buy 3, Get 6! Spring is a great time to refresh any sachets you may have in your closets and especially that lingerie drawer. Plus you don’t have to be French. 😉 There is no coupon or discount code to enter. Just by reading this you qualify. Only those who have read this far into the blog are aware of this special offer. Purchase through Etsy as normal and on my end, and I do the Buy One – Get One credit to your order. Be advised I only have about 50 of these gorgeous pockets of pleasure, so order sooner rather than later. You deserve a little luxury, the French said so. 😉 Looking forward to smelling these dolls over the next week!

Get your order in today by clicking this link: Get me some of that BoGo Lavender Shizzle, Runa!

There’s no skimping on these sachets, they are chocked full of organic lavender goodness.

As usual, if you have any questions, feel free to message me here, on Instagram, or via runa(at)countrydwellers(dot)com

Have a scent-ual Spring!


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight: 4-1-2021

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Are you ready for the New Moon?

The next New Moon is April 11th in Aries, during Aries. It’s a powerful time for setting intentions and laying the groundwork for manifesting your dreams. The Magical Flea Market has put together a New Moon Manifestation Ritual Kit featuring Seeds of Abundance Spell for you.

Everything you need for the Aries New Moon from the Magical Flea Market

Be ready for that upcoming powerful New Moon with this carefully curated Manifestation Ritual Kit featuring Seeds of Abundance Spell. Don’t worry about finding this or that for your next New Moon — your Magical Flea Market has gathered it all right here, including detailed instructions and all the tools, plus a dose of old-crone magic, to help you plant seeds of prosperity in your life. The kit includes anointed candle, crystal, a small homemade notebook and pencil, a tub tea “bomb,” a seed bomb of abundance, and ritual cakes (vegan/gluten free) and positive energy drink, detailed instructions on how to do the ritual and its spells, all enclosed in a vintage tin that doubles as a burn box during the ritual.

You are a magical being, it’s time to start focusing that energy on being your best and bringing the highest good into your life. This New Moon Kit can get you started on your path. Great for the baby witch or busy maiden/mother Witch!

Because these kits are hand-curated, there are slight differences in each one, but just as magical as the next.

If you’d like this kit, visit The Magical Flea Market now.

Have a Magical Day!


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight – 3-25-2021

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Had to move the weekly focus to Thursdays because the weekends mean I’m off working the land of Villa Westwyk and it just wasn’t happening. So, adjustment made and I think you’ll find that this will increase the savings you find with the new “Item of the Week.” Right now in my Magical Flea Market, every time you purchase something you are going to earn a coupon towards your next purchase, beginning with this item right here:

Vintage Monkeypod Goddess Figurine is our Spotlight Item this week.

This figurine is about 54 years old, brought back from Hawaii circa 1966. It measures 9.5 inches tall and has the original label on it but also one or two wrinkles, as anything that is that old may have. However, she’s recently gone through a cleansing and renewal and you can hardly see where these wrinkles are — for Monkeypod, nut oil is like botox. 🙂 Its age and loving use is reflected in its price. She is made of Acacia wood aka Monkey Pod. She was cleansed and charged under the new moon in Aquarius 2021. Bring a little tropics into your altar, lounge, or den with this piece and earn her everlasting loyalty with your love.

She was priced at $36 plus shipping; now just $30 with free shipping. She wants a new home and comes with so much positive energy. Plus, you will receive that coupon towards your next Magical Flea Market purchase, which includes my Dream Interpretation and Rune Casting offerings.

There’s only one of these in my shop, so if you’re interested, I suggest you head over to the Magical Flea Market on Etsy today!

Have a magical day!


Weekly Magical Flea Market Spotlight (3/7)

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Vintage Door Knobs For Old World Magic

Every day items can be used to enhance the magic and accessibility to our higher selves. This is what some term “Old World Magic,” meaning people wanted the things they used every day to be full of positive energy.

Open doors in this world and in your magical world.

This vintage door handle set can be used to create some great design feel in your covenstead. The bonus for this set is that it has been cleansed and charged under the Super Blue Moon by an elder witch to help gain access to your best and highest good. This particular set has a shabby-chic patina, but is fully functional.

For those Country Dwellers out there looking to use this set for spell crafting, they are ready for your work. Often door knobs are used to provide access to our dreams, new pathways in our lives, manifesting new opportunities, or even deciding which route to go when you have too many choices.