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A Work Horse of A Rune: The Teachings Of Ehwaz Through 2022

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The Winter Solstice is just nine days away. Which means I’ve been working with the energy of Ehwaz ( ᛖ )  the whole of 2022. This is my third year working with one Rune in particular, in order to deepen my connection and further my understanding of the Runes, since I work with them daily. This practice is part of my MidGardening Witchery – the moniker I’ve given my spiritual practice. Regardless, part of being a Witch is that you are always learning. That’s exactly what Ehwaz taught me this year: keep learning.

And I did learn. I deepened my knowledge of astrology, my Craft, and permaculture.I took chances, I wouldn’t likely have without Ehwaz at my side. I learned that a shot-in-the-dark book pitch could absolutely turn into a deal. I invested in my writing in new ways, securing a mentor that feels like the big sister I never had. I started a Patreon, that now is filled with so much community, I could cry. It helped me through some challenging times with family illness and allowed me new insights into the skills I’ve developed to keep my composure even in the hardest of times. Ehwaz reminded me of the goodness that self-compassion can bring, not just self-care. 

I connected with new and different people, places, and activities. Joined in new projects. Was invited as guests on podcasts I respect. I found new worth in my life experience. I embraced the healing towards my inner child and have now moved on to heal the wounded inner teenager. I strengthened the harmony in my marriage. I repaired worthy relationships and let go of those that had passed their season. I even developed deeper bonds with the animals here at the covenstead. I also connected with my ancestors in new ways, which helped me understand my Fetch, allowing me to weave that Wyrd, that much more expertly. 

Because Ehwaz is in Tyr’s aett, it made me examine the things I am doing to provide myself the nurturing of my intellect, my spiritual practices, and the understanding of my place in the world. I recognize where cleverness, like Tyr, is good, and where I need to invest in the strength of my body. Justice and what that looks like in my life has been a huge theme over this year and I’m curious to see if that continues as not all “victories” have come through…yet. 

I wasn’t sure what to expect from Ehwaz. I mean, it means horse and I have a long tradition of not really digging horses and vice versa (although I have a plan to change that). But like all Runes, Ehwaz was more than its mundane meaning. It was a big, fat spiritual teacher, for which I’m grateful. 

For 2023 I’ll once again be choosing a Rune of the year; but I plan to do that as part of my calendar new year’s rituals and observations. Another blog post to follow to give you all the details on that. For now the Blog will be kind of silent until after the Yuletide. This is a time for planning, rest, and celebration. Besides, there’s a book deadline I’m working towards. Until then, I hope you have the brightest and merriest of holidaze. 

Did you do a Rune for the year? If so, what did you learn? 

Rune for the year…

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For you and me!

In conjunction with my Word of the Year 2022, I have a Rune that forecasts the year ahead. This is a Rune that I will meditate on, write about, wear, work Magic with, and etc. through the whole year. 

Kenaz was my Rune for 2021

Last year, although I didn’t post about it, my Rune for the year was Kenaz. Kenaz is the K in the Elder Futhark and resides in Freyja’s aett. It deals with love, happiness, enjoyment, fertility, and beauty. I chose Kenaz because I wanted to shine a light on what is most important in my life, what fuels my passions, and what I needed to spotlight my energy on more fully. Having spent the prior year(s) doing so much shadow work, I was ready for the light. Kenaz gave me the regeneration that I needed to focus my creativity and harness my powers into new strength and passions. 

Slow and steady wins the race in my head.

This year, I pulled Ehwaz. Ehwaz is the E in the Elder Futhark, and has the energy of the Horse. Considering how much work I see ahead for this year, I think the Universe knew this was exactly the Rune needed for me. Just like last year. Like always.

Ehwaz is in Tyr’s aett and has to do with our intellect, our understanding, our spiritual growth. In Norse Paganism, Tyr is a god as strong as Thor, but he’s got a few more smarts. He’s also a bit more noble. He sacrificed so that the rest of Asgard and those he cared about could survive. Recounted in the Gylfaginning, the first part of the Prose Edda, the story of Tyr losing his arm to Fenrir, the giant wolf shows his bravery, and his strong sense of justice. All the other gods ran from Fenrir. Not Tyr. I’m not going to run from the opportunities before me because they are scary. Let’s just hope I don’t lose my hand. Ha! 

In all seriousness, Ehwaz represents the harmony I’ve been focused on since Samhain. Balance is great; but it’s too rigid. And life under COVID-19 requires more than balance. It requires harmony. It’s also a reminder to me about steady progress, gradual development. The things I want to create, manifest aren’t going to balloon overnight. It’s going to take trusting in my small steps daily to walk the miles I have to go. 

This special Rune pull is in addition to my year-ahead forecast I do for myself and my clients. The whole year ahead outlook is more detailed and includes a full casting cloth and cast with the horn. But Ehwaz rules over all of that. The rest of my cast is to determine guidance to implement the movement forward that I want. 

Right now in my RT Magical Services & Goods shop you can get your own Rune For The Year reading or a Full Year-Ahead Casting. Right now if you get the Full Year Ahead Casting, I’m including the Rune For The Year in addition to that. 

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