Weekly Pick-A-Rune Reveal (3/10/21) Dear friends, readers, and fellow Witches: As is often with how I operate, Spirit sent me lots of messages yesterday about how I’m conducting my readings and its benefit to others, as well as myself. In response to that Divine Download, from today onward you will find the Pick-A-Rune Reveal post …

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You Do You, Witch

The Doing-It-Wrong Culture & The Craft Instagram, TikTok, and the like have been a great way to stay in touch with your community throughout this Coronovirus Global Pandemic. If you’re like me, it’s allowed you to expand and strengthen your community and relationships. But, you must remember it’s full of haters and dictators, too. That …

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Lent has Pagan Roots

This Witch Practices Lent I was watching an Instagram Live hosted by a Witch last week. Don’t know her personally or even abut in her circle, but I’m always curious how other Witches and Pagans are dealing with life in modern times. Especially modern pandemic times. Anyhow, she mentioned something about silly Christians giving up …

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